Pokemon Go Mega Latios & Mega Latias weaknesses and counters

Mega Latios and Latias in Pokemon GoNiantic

If you’re trying to defeat Mega Latios and Mega Latias in Pokemon Go, we’ve got the best counters and details of their weaknesses that should help.

While Mega Evolutions have been around for a while in Pokemon Go now, offering trainers a way to get a more powerful version of their favorite creatures, there haven’t been any Mega Legendaries… until now!

Latios and Latios, the Eon Duo Legendaries from the Hoenn region, will finally be debuting their Mega Evolutions in Pokemon Go as part of the Air Adventures event, and they’re a great addition to any team.

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You’ll need to plan ahead if you want to defeat them, though. In this guide, you’ll find details of Mega Latios and Mega Latias’ weaknesses and the best counters you can use to exploit them.


Mega Latios and Latias in Pokemon GoNiantic
These two are the first Mega Legendaries in Pokemon Go.

Mega Latios & Mega Latias weaknesses in Pokemon Go

Mega Latios and Mega Latias are both Dragon/Psychic-type Pokemon, which means they’re weak to Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, and Ice-type attacks.

As for resistances, you’ll want to avoid using Electric, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Psychic, and Water-type attacks wherever possible, as they won’t do much damage.

Best counters for Mega Latios & Mega Latias in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Fast Move Charged Move
Mega Gengar Shadow Claw Shadow Ball
Mega Houndoom Snarl Foul Play
Rayquaza Dragon Tail Outrage
Zekrom Dragon Breath Outrage
Dialga Dragon Breath Draco Meteor
Reshiram Dragon Breath Draco Meteor
Garchomp Dragon Tail Outrage
Dragonite Dragon Tail Outrage
Chandelure Hex Shadow Ball
Weavile Snarl Avalanche

As you can see, most of the top counters for Mega Latios and Mega Latias are Dragon-types with Dragon-type attacks, although strong Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon will also do well.

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If you don’t have any of these counters, don’t worry – simply focus on your strongest Pokemon that can target Latios and Latias’ weaknesses and you should stand a chance of success.

Mega Latios and Mega Latias appearing in Pokemon Go RaidsNiantic
Do you prefer Mega Latios or Mega Latias?

How to get Mega Latios & Mega Latias in Pokemon Go

Mega Latios and Mega Latias will be appearing in Mega Raids from Tuesday, May 3, 2022, at 10AM until Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at 10AM local time.

You can’t catch Mega Latios or Mega Latias in Pokemon Go, as Mega Evolution is a temporary state, but you will get the chance to catch regular Latios or Latias after you defeat them in a Mega Raid.

Once you’ve caught Latios or Latias, you’ll need to stock up on Mega Energy to Mega Evolve them. You can earn Mega Energy by defeating them in Mega Raids – and the faster you beat them, the more you’ll get.

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