Pokemon Go Mega Blastoise weaknesses and best counters

Mega Blastoise appearing in Pokemon Go with its best countersNiantic

Mega Blastoise is returning to Mega Raids in Pokemon Go, which means you’ll need to know its weaknesses and the best counters to use if you want to defeat it.

After the alterations to Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go, it’s easier than ever to Mega Evolve creatures from your collection – and one of the most popular contenders for your Mega Energy is Kanto’s Mega Blastoise.

The beloved Blastoise is one of the only Water-types that can Mega Evolve in Pokemon Go, and it’s also very bulky, making it a useful addition to your team for the long boost it will give to other Water-types.

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With the right team of counters and knowledge of its weaknesses, you’ll be able to take down Mega Blastoise and evolve your own in no time.


Mega Blastoise appearing in Pokemon GoNiantic
One of the strongest Water-types in Pokemon Go is Mega Blastoise.

Mega Blastoise weaknesses in Pokemon Go

Mega Blastoise is a pure Water-type Pokemon, which means it’s weak against Electric and Grass-type attacks. Use your best Pokemon of these types with matching attacks if you want to win.

In terms of resistances, you’ll want to avoid using Fire, Ice, Steel, and Water-type attacks against Mega Blastoise wherever possible, as they won’t do much damage at all.

Best counters for Mega Blastoise in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Fast Move Charged Moves
Mega Manectric Thunder Fang Wild Charge
Mega Venusaur Vine Whip Frenzy Plant
Zekrom Charge Beam Wild Charge
Therian Forme Thundurus Volt Switch Thunderbolt
Zarude Vine Whip Power Whip
Electivire Thunder Shock Wild Charge
Magnezone Spark Wild Charge
Luxray Spark Wild Charge
Roserade Razor Leaf Grass Knot
Celebi Magical Leaf Leaf Storm

How to get Mega Blastoise in Pokemon Go

Mega Blastoise will be appearing in Mega Raids from Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at 10AM until Wednesday, May 25, 2022, at 10AM local time.

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You can’t catch Mega Blastoise in Pokemon Go, as Mega Evolution is only a temporary boost, but you will get the chance to catch a non-Mega Blastoise after you defeat it in a Mega Raid.

If you want to Mega Evolve your own Blastoise, you’ll need to earn enough Mega Energy. You can get this by defeating Mega Blastoise in Mega Raid Battles, and you’ll earn more for winning faster.

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