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Pokemon Go Mamoswine best moveset: Is Ancient Power any good?

Published: 4/Dec/2021 22:43

by Daniel Megarry


With the Swinub Incense Day taking place in Pokemon Go, Trainers will be wondering what the best moveset for its evolution Mamoswine is – and whether Ancient Power is any good.

Mamoswine first appeared in Diamond and Pearl’s Sinnoh region and has gone on to become a significant player in many Pokemon games, including Pokemon Go where it stands out as a top-tier attacker in Raids.

This Ice/Ground-type mammoth is about to get more common in Pokemon Go, too, as the first big event of the Season of Heritage is a Swinub Incense Day, meaning there will be loads of Mamoswine being evolved.


Any time a Trainer evolves a Piloswine into Mamoswine during the event, it will know the exclusive move Ancient Power, giving it a rare extra Charged Move to add to its move pool. Let’s explore if it’s worthwhile.


Mamoswine Pokemon
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Mamoswine is a great attacker in Raids and can also perform in the Master League.

Mamoswine best moveset in Pokemon Go

The best moveset for Mamoswine in Pokemon Go is Powder Snow as a Fast Move and Avalanche as a Charged Move, making it a top-tier Ice-type whether you’re battling other Trainers or taking part in Raids.

Powder Snow is the top Fast Move thanks to its superior energy generation, which allows you to access some brilliant Charged Moves, including Avalanche which deals great damage (90) and is quite cheap (50 Energy).


If you can afford a secondary Charged Move, go with the Ground-type Bulldoze as it gives Mamoswine some extra coverage options and still benefits from STAB damage.

All moves Mamoswine can learn in Pokemon Go

Mamoswine has quite a limited move pool, with two potential Fast Moves and four potential Charged Moves across Ice, Ground, and Rock-types. You can see them all below:

Fast Moves

  • Mud Slap (Ground)
  • Powder Snow (Ice)

Charged Moves

  • Ancient Power (Rock)
  • Avalanche (Ice)
  • Bulldoze (Ground)
  • Stone Edge (Rock)

Is the move Ancient Power any good?

The Ancient Power move symbol for Mamoswine in Pokemon Go

Unfortunately, Ancient Power just isn’t that great in Pokemon Go. While it does have a chance of boosting the user’s Attack and Defense, that’s pretty much the only positive thing there is to say about it.

It’s the weakest of Mamoswine’s potential Charged Moves, and although it does have a low energy cost that helps to balance this out, it won’t benefit from STAB damage like most of Mamoswine’s other moves do.


Besides, you’re far better off using Mamoswine with an Ice-type moveset like the one we’ve recommended above, as this makes it a significant threat to almost any Dragon-type in both PvP battles and Raids.

Because of this, we would actually recommend waiting until after the event to evolve Piloswine into Mamoswine, as you’ll have the chance to get a superior move like Avalanche or Bulldoze.