Pokemon Go Luvdisc Limited Research Day: Shiny Luvdisc & Field Research tasks

A poster for the Pokemon Go Luvdisc Limited Research DayNiantic

Pokemon Go’s Luvdisc Limited Research Day is an event that gives players the chance to catch a Shiny Luvdisc and complete special tasks – so here’s everything you need to know.

The Valentine’s Day event is well underway in Pokemon Go, but there’s also a mini-event taking place within this larger celebration: The Luvdisc Limited Research Day.

During this three-hour event, players will be able to get several limited-time Field Research tasks that lead to encounters with Luvdisc. There will also be a boosted chance of encountering a Shiny Luvdisc!

We’ve rounded up all the essential details for the Luvdisc Limited Research Day below, including some tips on how to bag that Shiny Luvdisc.

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Shiny Luvdisc in Pokemon GoNiantic

Pokemon Go Luvdisc Limited Research Day date & time

The Luvdisc Limited Research Day will take place on Saturday, February 11, 2023, from 2PM to 5PM local time.

Pokemon Go Luvdisc Limited Research Day tasks and rewards

There will be several Limited Field Research tasks available when you spin Photo Discs at PokeStops during the event. These tasks will all lead to encounters with Luvdisc when completed.

We’ll add details of these Limited Field Research tasks when the event begins!

Increased chances of encountering a Shiny Luvdisc

The most exciting feature of this event is boosted odds of encountering a Shiny Luvdisc, which has a striking gold color scheme. This makes the event a great time to expand your Shiny Pokedex.

Our best tip to help you find a Shiny Luvdisc is to go out exploring, spin as many PokeStops as you can, and keep on completing those Field Research tasks as they’ll lead to a guaranteed Luvdisc encounter.

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Although Luvdisc isn’t listed as a potential wild encounter during the event, it’s probably worth using Incense while out exploring just in case you come across them.

Pokemon Go Luvdisc Limited Research Day wild encounters

The following Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild during the event:

  • Slowpoke
  • Lickitung
  • Miltank
  • Lileep
  • Feebas
  • Spritzee
  • Fomantis
  • Alomomola (rare)

All of these Pokemon can be Shiny (if you’re lucky!) except for Fomantis. As always, we’d recommend using Incense and Lure Modules if you want to get them.

On a final note: Alomomola is a top contender in the ongoing Love Cup, so if you’re a fan of PvP Battles, now is a great time to catch or evolve one.

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