Pokemon Go: Lugia and Ho-oh Raid Battle guide

by Paul Cotton


Lugia and Ho-oh make their return to Pokemon Go Raid Battles as part of a special raid weekend! Here's everything you need to know in your quest to capture the legendary Johto Pokemon.

They will both return for a 72 hour period starting December 20, 1pm PST (4pm EST and 9pm GMT). Legendary Pokemon can always be found in five star Raid Battles and this event will be no exception.

Lugia Ho-oh stats

The two legends stats makes for interesting reading. Many would think being the respective covers of Pokemon Gold and Silver that they would be very close to one another.

Pokemon Blog
Pokemon Blog
Ho-oh (left) and Lugia (right) are back in Pokemon Go... again.


However, there is notable gap between the two. It is actually Lugia that comes out on top, too.

Lugia's stats are as follows:

  • Attack: 193 (204 of 688)
  • Defense: 310 (3 of 688)
  • Stamina: 235 (41 of 688)

In comparison Ho-oh's are:

  • Attack: 239 (68 of 688)
  • Defense: 244 (17 of 688)
  • Stamina: 214 (96 of 688)


While Ho-oh's are more balanced, Lugia's base stats are higher overall. It is debatable whether this makes it the better Pokemon, at least in terms of wanting it on your team, as its attack is nothing to boast about.

Nevertheless, trainers will want to get their hands on the popular Pokemon. Notably, Lugia's defense stats are ranked the third best in Pokemon Go, something which in of itself is impressive.

Lugia and Ho-oh were the cover stars of Pokemon Silver and Gold, respectively...


Both Lugia and Ho-oh are weak to rock-type Pokemon but is the latter that is the much easier to catch of the two. Ho-oh is a dual flying and fire-type which, as can be seen in the Pokemon Go effectiveness table, has a double weakness to rock-types.


Ho-oh's double weakness

This means you should look no further than rock-type Pokemon to battle it. It is also weak to electric-types but given the abundance of rock-types available it would be silly not to take advantage of its double weakness.

Rampardos followed by Terrakion will produce the more damage but the more readily available Aerodactyl, Golem, Omastar, Rhyperior and Tyranitar will also make light work of Ho-oh. Smack Down is the best fast-move to use, while Rock Slide is the best charge.

Pokemon Company
Pokemon Company
Terrakion, along with Rampardos, are supreme counters to Ho-oh...

Lugia slightly more challenging

Meanwhile, Lugia is weak against five different types but none are as effective as rock is against Ho-oh. The dual psychic and flying-type's weaknesses include dark, electric, ghost, ice and rock.


Its best counters unsurprisingly include electric-types such as Electivire, Raikou and Zapdos, all of which are boosted in the rain. Elsewhere, the Mythical Darkrai and legendary Giratina are two of the better general counters to Lugia. Finally, the ever versatile Tyranitar is once again an excellent option in sunny conditions, although sun is unlikely at this time of the year!

Its also worth noting that that the recently added Virizion will still be appearing in Raid Battles during the special raid weekend, according to the official Pokemon Go blog.

Lugia and Ho-oh have been frequently featured in Pokemon Go but have remained popular enough to return once again. If you already have yourself the legendary pair then maybe you'll be lucky enough to find one with close to perfect IVs or even a shiny!