Pokemon Go leak reveals follower Pokemon, Shiny probability, and PokeStop encounters

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Pokemon Go leaks have surfaced that indicate big changes could be around the corner. According to the leaks, new raiding features and Shiny probability could finally improve key aspects of gameplay.

Pokemon Go has come under fire throughout 2022 for a wave of rollbacks on key features. Niantic cut Community Day timeframes in half, altered the use of Remote Raid Passes, and nerfed the spawn rates on Incense among many other major changes.

While these alternations were allegedly made to put Pokemon Go back in line with Niantic’s original vision, the long-term effects have been widely negative for players. However, a recent data mine has leaked potential upcoming changes.

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The new information, which follows a Pokemon Go leak breakdown released early this week, goes into detail on some highlights of an upcoming update for the game. If the included points are true, they could be big game-changers for players.

Pokemon Go leak indicates hard Shiny odds for quest rewards

According to a new blog post shared by PokeMiners, several big changes could be added to Pokemon Go in the coming weeks. The first of these is a tweak to Shiny probability. The post states that Niantic has “added the shiny probability to the Pokemon Encounter Reward”.

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This will apply specifically to the Pokemon found in quests and Go Battle League reward encounters. This means firm Shiny odds for these types of encounters will finally be possible, giving players a better understanding of what their chances could be. While it isn’t clear when, if, or how these changes could be added, the prospect is very exciting for players.

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Additionally, a “ready to raid” feature could be added to the online friend list options. Currently, players can see who is online and who isn’t, but when setting up a raid, it can be difficult to know who may be searching for partners.

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Currently, the information around this feature is lacking, but more details could become available in future updates or patches.

Pokemon Go 249 update leaks include info on “Follower Pokemon”

In addition to the above leaks and potential content, the “Digging Deeper” blog post also lays out several other interesting potential changes to the game. Below is a list of the most notable leaks.

  • Height and weight in PvP – Currently, it isn’t known what these stats will do, but it is possible they could affect certain moves.
  • PokeStop encounters – Rocket encounters at PokeStops will receive an overhaul. This could change or streamline how players interact with Rockets, making battles easier to engage.
  • Follower Pokemon – This appears to be a new cosmetic item that takes the form of a Pokemon, but is not a “real” Pokemon. Instead, they are items that can be equipped. It may be possible to have many equipped at one time. These details are limited.
  • Vivillon and Butterfly Collector – Further details on the debut of Vivillon and how its many patterns will be implemented in Pokemon Go.

In addition to these major points, there are a handful of other minor updates and changes included in the leaked post that alters smaller aspects of the game. While they don’t fix the frustrations surrounding Community Day participation or impacted accessibility, they could be big steps towards making Pokemon Go gameplay more engaging for new and longtime players.

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