Pokemon Go leak reveals “Drip Lapras” is finally coming at long last

Pokemon Go drip lapras finally coming

Over a year after a Pokemon Go dataminer found “Drip Lapras” in the game’s files, the Pokemon’s stats have been updated, hinting that it’s finally being released.

Niantic provides Pokemon Go players with a slow drip of content releasing just a handful of Pokemon every so often. These new releases are further stretched as a Pokemon’s normal and Shiny variants are usually released separately from one another.

The developers also substitute new Pokemon releases with special costumed Pokemon. This happens annually with events like Paris Fashion Week, Halloween, Go Fest, and New Year.

However, some costumed Pokemon, like Cowboy Hat Caterpie, have become icons for the community. One such costumed ‘Mon was discovered over a year ago but still hasn’t made its in-game debut.

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pokemon ride on lapras collectionThe Pokemon Company
Drip Lapras appearing in the 2018 Ride On Lapras merch collection

Drip Lapras coming to Pokemon Go

On Arpil 8, 2021, dataminers found a version of Lapras wearing a bowtie in Pokemon Go’s files. The creature is officially named Lapras Costume 2020, but the community quickly took to calling it “Drip Lapras”.

Despite it appearing in the game’s files, it didn’t have any stats and couldn’t be found in-game. Over a year has passed since then, and an update giving Drip Lapras stats and moves has finally been released.

So, while Drip Lapras still can’t be found in-game, it’s one step closer to getting there. Players theorize that it will be released sometime this summer alongside a rerelease of its plushie counterpart.

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Drip Lapras first appeared in the 2018 Ride On Lapras Pokemon merch collection. It featured the bow-tie-wearing Lapras on giving Pikachu, as well as other Pokemon, rides on its shell. However, this collection was not made available outside of Japan.

In addition to the drippiest Lapras in Pokemon Go, players can also find its Shiny variant. However, it cannot be transferred to Pokemon HOME.