Pokemon Go leak confirms 4 fan-favorite Sun & Moon Pokemon coming soon

pokemon go anime toxapex pokemon go logo headerThe Pokemon Company / Niantic

Pokemon Go dataminers discovered three popular Sun & Moon Pokemon are coming to the game soon, hinting at future events.

With the recent addition of Pokemon Go’s Ultra Beast-focused Raids, trainers had the chance to catch Pokemon like Buzzwole, Nihilego, and Pheromosa.

However, not every Ultra Beast made it into the game. In fact, there are still a lot of Sun & Moon Pokemon still waiting to debut.

Now, new datamines revealed that some fan-favorite Pokemon from Generation 7 are coming to the mobile game, including a missing Ultra Beast and one main Legendary.

Pokemon Go datamine reveals upcoming Gen 7 additions

The leaked info comes from the PokeMiners Twitter account, which showcased models for four upcoming Pokemon: Mareanie, Toxapex, Celesteena, and Lunala.

Though details were scarce, the leak provided full models of the normal and shiny variations of all four Pokemon, confirming they were in the game’s data.

Arguably all of these Pokemon are big additions for different reasons. Niantic teased Sun & Moon’s Box Legendaries would come to the game, and now these leaks all but confirmed it.

Toxapex is an important addition thanks to its fearsome reputation in the competitive Pokemon VGC scene, where it dominated many teams thanks to its impressive defenses and solid typing.

As such, Toxapex could become a menace for defending Gyms, as defensive Pokemon like Blissey and Metagross already give players plenty of trouble.

Celesteela is another important addition because it could hint at more details about upcoming content players know about.

Though still speculation at this point, it’s likely Celesteela could be part of the upcoming Test Your Mettle event happening from September 16 to September 21, 2022.

Considering Celesteela’s typing and the name of the event likely being a play on the words “mettle” and “metal” it makes sense that Steel-types could be the focus of the event.

While these Pokemon were found in the game’s data, meaning they’re likely coming fairly soon, it remains to be seen exactly when and where they will show up.