Pokemon Go leak confirms Mimikyu is coming soon & reveals moveset

Mimikyu appearing in Pokemon GoNiantic

After years of waiting, it looks like Mimikyu will finally be heading to Pokemon Go soon as a fresh set of leaks have confirmed its arrival – as well as its moveset.

Pokemon Go keeps players coming back by slowly introducing new species to catch and evolve. While any debut is exciting, there’s one specific Pokemon that players have been eagerly anticipating: Mimikyu.

Alongside the elusive Kecleon, Mimikyu is one of the most-requested species for longtime Pokemon Go players. Many hoped it would arrive during the Season of Alola, but sadly, that never happened.

But now, a huge wave of information from datamining group PokeMiners has revealed that Mimikyu has been added to the files in a Game Master update, which suggests that it will be arriving soon.

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MimikyuThe Pokemon Company
The creepy but adorable Fairy/Ghost-type Pokemon has become a fan favorite.

Mimikyu moveset confirmed for Pokemon Go

One of the most exciting parts of this datamine is that it confirms Mimikyu’s moveset: Charm and Shadow Claw as Fast Moves, alongside Play Rough, Shadow Ball, and Shadow Sneak as Charged Moves.

Details of its stats were also featured: 146 HP, 177 Attack, and 199 Defense. Of course, these could always change before Mimikyu arrives, but for now, this is probably what you can expect.

The datamine also confirmed that Mimikyu will have a Disguised form and a Busted form, just like in the mainline games, although there are no details of how this could affect its performance yet.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell when Mimikyu will be released based on this information, but it likely won’t be too far away. Our best guess is that it will make its debut during this year’s Halloween event.

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Whatever happens, make sure you keep an eye out for this elusive creature, as it’s got decent stats and a great moveset that could help it become a real contender in the Pokemon Go Battle League.