Pokemon Go players claim it’ll take a “miracle” to hatch Larvesta

Pokemon Go LarvestaThe Pokemon Company

Because of the work needed to hatch Larvesta in eggs, Pokemon Go players think it’ll take a “miracle” to collect the larva-like creature.

Larvesta and its evolution, Volcarona, joined the mobile title during the An Instinctive Hero event, which went live today, May 2. The event comes to an end next week on Monday, May 8, at 10:00 AM local time.

While six days seem like plenty of time to unlock new Pokemon, hatching Larvesta in eggs won’t prove an easy task.

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At present, POGO trainers can only collect Larvesta by hatching it from 2km, 5km, or 10km eggs. And since other creatures from these designated egg pools can hatch, players have no way of ensuring they’ll unlock Larvesta at all.

Hatching Larvesta in Pokemon Go will not be easy

Reddit user windycitykid89 shared a screenshot of their “Hatchable Pokemon” progress in TheSliphRoad subreddit. According to the player, “Looks like it’s gonna take a miracle to hatch Larvesta in eggs.”

Several others tend to agree with this thinking. One person even linked to an “Egg Transparency” post on The Sliph Road website, which suggests that – based on Larvesta’s rarity tier – the monster may have a hatch rate of less than two percent.

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It’s no wonder that many players don’t seem too hopeful about their odds of collecting Larvesta and its evolution before An Instinctive Hero ends.

Another Redditor said the likelihood of collecting Larvesta is low because Pokemon Go isn’t the best at tracking travel distance. “Can’t wait for none of my eggs to hatch because the game still won’t register my distance traveled properly.”

Someone else joked that instead of trying the event, they’ll just “wait until it’s 2025 community day.” It’s a commentary on a point brought up by a different user, who argued the grind isn’t worth the effort “when it will get featured in future events and eventually a community day.”

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This same person said the “ridiculous rarity” for creatures like Larvesta also ruins the hype. Given that trainers have begun criticizing the lack of incentive to play, such thinking doesn’t appear exclusive to the newest in-game event.

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