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Niantic working on a fix as Pokemon Go June update can cause seizures

Published: 17/Jun/2021 12:17

by Daniel Megarry


Niantic have issued a statement after Pokemon Go players warned that a recent update could be a seizure risk, explaining that they’re working on delivering a patch to fix it.

Update 0.211.0 released on June 11, bringing with it a new loading screen, moves, and badges. While some frustrated players have reported bugs and heavy lag as a result of the patch, it seems a more pressing issue might have emerged.

In a thread shared on Reddit, user SuddenHelicopter6604 explained that, after installing the new update, a “bright white flash” appears when tapping on a Pokemon in the overworld. They have epilepsy, and the light caused them to feel sick.


“The average player might not notice but I have epilepsy and some other issue where bright flashes can cause seizures. After playing for some time at night I’m getting sick due to this update,” they wrote, explaining that this was a “sign” of an oncoming seizure.

Newest PoGo update causes seizures from TheSilphRoad

The thread has received over 200 comments since being posted, with many trainers sharing that they’ve noticed the change in Pokemon Go too. Some of them have reported feeling sick or getting headaches as a result of the bright light.

“I was wondering why I was feeling so sick when playing last night,” wrote one Redditor, while another added, “I’m not photosensitive, but I noticed the change right away, and honestly it makes me twitchy, like it’s about to start a migraine.”


While some players pointed out that this flash was already in Pokemon Go before the June 11 update, others commented that the flashing light now seems to be inconsistent or appear for longer, which could be what’s causing these issues.

Shiny Abra Pokemon Go
Players are experiencing the bright white light before entering the catch screen.

“I downloaded the new update and now the flash is longer,” explained one Redditor. “Before it was a split second, now it’s a solid 2 seconds (like a flash then fade effect). Much longer than before.”

Niantic responds to Pokemon Go seizure risk concerns

The Pokemon Go trainer who started the Reddit thread said they’ve reached out to Niantic Support to see if they can help solve the problem, and it looks as though they listened, as they’re now working on a fix.


In a brief statement sent to Dexerto, Niantic confirmed that the June 11 update altered the transition time between screens, and that they’re expecting another update to arrive this week to fix the problem.

“A recent change in the game altered the transition time between screens,” they explained. “We’re working as quickly as possible to correct this issue and expect to publish an app update this week to correct it.”

We’ll update this article if Niantic respond to the problem, but in the meantime, play with caution.