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Pokemon Go: It’s time for a real cup competition in GO Battle League

Published: 26/Nov/2020 20:53

by Paul Cot


GO Battle League is now well and truly engrained in the world of Pokemon Go. Now is the time to take it to next level with an actual cup competition.

GO Battle League needs a PvP knockout tournament to bring it to the next level. With the current format, the battles can be considered a little bland and repetitive.

As the name suggests, GO Battle League has until now been made up of several league competitions. The Great, Ultra and Master Leagues have featured in every season but Season 5.

Somewhat confusingly, Season 5 has hosted ‘cup’ competitions – The Little Cup, Kanto Cup and Catch Cup – all of which are actually leagues. These work in the same way as the aforementioned leagues where trainers battle in sets of 5 matches as they try to ascend through the ranks.

GO Battle League Tournament
Who wouldn’t want a knockout tournament format in GO Battle League?

GO Battle League tournament

Despite the various different league formats, each battle can sometimes lack the intensity you’d want. The stakes of each battle are the same every time.

A third win in each set is the exception to this as it earns you an encounter with a Pokemon. Outside of that though, it can often feel like you’re going through the motions.

That’s why a new knockout format would be a welcomed addition to PvP. A real cup competition would bring back initial competitiveness of GO Battle League.

The number of entrants could be anywhere from 16 to 128, where trainers do battle until they are beaten or win the entire thing. A win could also be placed on a Pokemon Go trainers record for everyone to see.

After all, beating so many other trainers would certainly be something to be proud of. Imagine the concentration and the importance you would feel being in the last 8 or better!

CP limits and certain types of Pokemon could also be included within the cups to keep them fresh like the league formats. Unfortunately there has been no mention of such a knockout system, or one even rumored.

That doesn’t mean to say it won’t come in the future however, as we’re sure trainers would flock to a cup competition in their droves. Hopefully Niantic already has something similar planned.


Valorant’s new Agent Yoru has a serious bug with his teleport ability

Published: 16/Jan/2021 21:00

by Alan Bernal


Agent 14 has made a huge impact on Valorant in the early phase of Episode 2, but players are finding that his Gatecrash can actually deal damage to Yoru if they take the rift tether from high altitudes.

The Japanese dimensional rift walker was made for deep infiltration and essentially breaking through the frontlines via covert play or creativity with his sneaky ability kit. Unfortunately, some are finding that a strange interaction with his default E, Gatecrash, could spell doom for Yoru.

After placing the rift tether, you can reactivate the ability to teleport to that location. Essentially, Reddit user ‘AzdarLP’ saw that the game will count your falling damage based on how you entered the rift.

Meaning, if you jump before teleporting to a lower altitude on the map, the game will register the appropriate fall damage as you ‘land’ on the other side of the tether.

You get fall damage if you jump before using Yoru’s Gatecrash (this doesn’t happen if you don’t jump before using it) from VALORANT

In application, AzdarLP showed how it looks like when going from Split’s B Heaven into site. They let the Gatecrash rift tether move near the pillar of the site then jumped before reactivating the ability.

Upon landing, they had shaved off 20 HP from the short fall. That doesn’t seem to be an intended consequence of Yoru’s ability, as some theorized what could be going on behind the curtain.

“I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed, but the way his TP [teleport] works is it literally drags [Yoru’s character] model down, or to wherever his TP is,” user ‘Launchers’ said. “Sometimes, when on his team, you can see his model flying through the map lol.”

yoru valorant agent
Riot Games
A bug has been found with Yoru’s Gatecrasher ability.

The Valorant community is hoping this is the result of a bug, but we’ve seen a similar interaction with Omen’s Shrouded Step before where players would similarly take damage as they jump while teleporting to a lower lever.

Dexerto tested out the bug in the Firing Range, and at the right distance, you can easily get chunked down to 1 HP or worse as a result of the interaction.

It’ll be interesting to see if Riot patches out the apparent glitch since Yoru, in particular, is an incredibly agile Agent, this bug can deter from fast or creative play styles that early adopters have been showing.