Pokemon Go trainers rage over “annoying” Gym players

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Pokemon Go trainers have aired out their frustrations about the “annoying” Gym players in their neighborhoods.

Players can find POGO Gyms scattered around the world, each one serving as the perfect place to face off against rival teams. Upon gaining control of a Gym, trainers must assign Pokemon to defend the space, lest someone else come in and take over.

One incentive for participating in such activity revolves around PokeCoins, which players earn when leaving their monsters in a Gym. However, there are those who work day and night to prevent fellow trainers from enjoying Gyms to their fullest.

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Understandably, Pokemon Go players have grown tired of the bad actors and are speaking out about the worst offenders they’ve encountered.

Pokemon Go trainers blast “annoying” Gym players

In complaining about their not-so-friendly neighborhood Gym player, Reddit user luenzor asked others to chime in with grievances of their own.

The original poster said they only have one Gym near their neighborhood, with a Blue team that occupies the space all day. Trying to use the Gym late at night doesn’t help as one person, in particular, revels in kicking out newcomers.

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According to the Redditor, “…this player, who I suspect has two accounts, insists on kicking me out within minutes of putting my Mon in. So damn annoying, I’ve decided to just leave blue team perpetually in there and collect my coins elsewhere.”

pokemon go gymThe Pokemon Company

It would seem luenzor isn’t alone in their frustrations based on the comments. One person faced a similar situation days ago. Upon visiting a nearby Gym, the Pokemon Go player found two teams had been inside for hours. They kicked out the longest-standing crew; however, by the time they arrived home several minutes later, they’d already been given the boot.

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Other users shared similar tales of bad behavior. There seems to be a dividing line, which separates team players from those who want to occupy the Gym all day. As one user put it, “Some people seem to not care about coins. Taking over gyms and preventing other people from getting coins is what they get out of the game.”

Unfortunately, there’s not much players can do at this time to manage the issue on their own.

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