Pokemon Go Gym bug makes Bouffalant the undisputed best in the game

David Purcell
bouffalant pokemon go in gym

Pokemon Go Gyms are pretty much always claimed by different trainers each day, depending on your area, but there’s a new in-game bug that’s instantly made Bouffalant the best in the game’s history. 

Battling over Gyms is something that’s brought players together since the game first launched on iOS and Android devices. If you keep your Pokemon as the Gym leader for a period of time, the rewards are definitely worth the hassle.

By the same token, members of the game’s online community are always looking into the meta, so they can pick a Pokemon that won’t be easily moved.

Well, a new Pokemon bug has certainly flagged a contender – in fact, if it was true, it would be a world record.

Pokemon Go Gym bug found

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Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Next time you visit your local Pokemon Go Gym, check how long the leader has been holding it for.

Having the team to take down a Gym leader is difficult at the best of times, especially with how many trainers will visit these locations each day.

If your local gym is in Times Square, you’re probably going to have a lot of competition, whereas in a small town in Liverpool across the pond, it might be easier to dominate an area’s Gym.

That said, one player has found a Gym where the numbers simply don’t add up. As seen in a post from a Reddit user, it states that Bouffalant has been defending this particular spot since 1969, which would be around the time of the Vietnam War.

For the conspiracy theorists among us, let’s set the record straight. The game itself was released in July 2016, meaning that in no way is this possible – even if we want to believe it.

If a Pokemon was to be able to keep a Gym locked in for that period of time though, without doubt, Bouffalant would have to be named the best Pokemon in the entire game. Nobody comes close to those numbers, but yes, this is likely a visual bug that Niantic will have to look into.

While it’s still around though, do check your local Gyms. We’re interested to see if any Pokemon have been battling since the Jurassic era.