Pokemon Go grandpa takes "gotta catch 'em all" to the next level in viral video

by Connor Bennett


The Taiwanese grandfather who went viral in the summer of 2018 for his love of Pokemon Go has taken his hobby to the next level - in his bid to become the very best like no one ever was.


Chen San-Yuan, who is obsessed with Pokemon Go, went viral last year for his ability to play the mobile game on numerous devices. What was even more impressive is that he does it all without breaking the rules or using outside exploits. 

In August of 2018, a number of global news organizations picked up a viral photo of Mr San-Yuan riding around Taipei with 11 mobile phones attached to his bike, collecting Pokemon on his travels. Back then, his habit cost him around $1,290 per month but now, he has nearly doubled the number of phones he plays the game on.


Pokemon Go released back in 2016 and is still hugely popular today.

Comicbook shared an update on the grandfather after a video of Mr San-Yuan appeared online recently, showing that he now plays with 21 phones attached to his bicycle, as he captured a number of different Pokemon on the different devices - all at the same time. 

While some people may be confused by his hobby, when he first went viral, the grandfather revealed that he was playing the game to make friends around the city - and to also fight off Alzheimer’s Disease.


It's incredibly impressive what Mr San-Yuan is able to achieve - as the timing to capture the wild Pokemon is different on each of the different phones and he does it all by himself. 

However, that's not an endorsement to players to run out and play the mobile game with a number of devices. You still have to be aware of your surroundings when playing. 

If you bump into somebody else while glued to your phone's screen, they may not buy the excuse of you chasing that elusive Pikachu - so do be careful. 

Image Credit: Pokemon/Twitter: muumi5x15