Pokemon Go glitch spawns a new ‘Shiny Swablu’ and everyone wants one

David Purcell
pokemon go swablu

Pokemon Go trainers have been spotting visual glitches in the game for weeks now, with a Rainbow Pikachu having previously gone viral. Next up, a new and improved Swablu shows trainers what Shinies should really look like. 

The popular mobile game, Pokemon Go, available on both iOS and Android devices, has a boatload of Shiny Pokemon for trainers to catch. The most recent additions came in the way of Alolan forms, and their rarest versions.

As players go on the hunt for Shinies and rare catches on their travels, a crazy-looking Swablu has burst onto the scene.

pokemon go background
Pokemon Go has been making a lot of changes lately, giving players more and more reasons to get into the game.

Swablu is looking good in Pokemon Go

On September 20, a Reddit user posted about their find, which looks absolutely dazzling at first glance.

With no context, you might even think it’s an upgraded Shiny Pokemon of some sort, based on the assortment of colors.

However, it turns out that this is yet another creation that cannot be kept forever. It exists solely because of a visual bug, which has been plaguing the game for months on end.

One said: “That’s a really cool glitch I want one of those.” Another posted: “Swablu started fashion week early. I dig the fresh new look.”

Pokemon Go swablu
This wild Swablu takes up a different form in Pokemon Go with a strange visual bug.

Just like Rainbow Pikachu, found earlier in September, this Pokemon cannot be stored and when it’s caught, it returns to its normal form.

These visual bug creations have been proving to be super popular within the game’s community, with hundreds of trainers writing about their hopes for Niantic to legitimately release them one day into the wild.

Whether or not that happens remains to be seen, but it would be unlikely as we’ve never seen anything like it in the original series. As the franchise evolves, perhaps Shiny Pokemon – the rarest in the game – will be revamped, but until that happens we’re left with pretty pictures and not a lot else.