Pokemon Go glitch shrinks player down to Bug-type proportions

pokemon go giant pidove headerNiantic / The Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Go glitch ended up getting a player stuck in AR mode in the overworld map, making it look as if they had shrunk down to minuscule proportions.

Like any live-service title, Pokemon Go has its fair share of odd bugs and glitches that can sometimes catch trainers completely off guard.

While some bugs affect gameplay, others are purely visual — like melding two Pokemon models into one another to create some nightmarish imagery.

However, one player stumbled across an interesting gameplay glitch that visually affected the game. The glitch caused them to get stuck in AR mode on the overworld map, which made it seem as though they had shrunk down in size.

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Pokemon Go glitch shrinks player down on overworld map

The glitch came from TheSilphRoad subreddit, where a user posted images with the caption “I ended up in first-person AR mode in the overworld!”

The OP attached seven screenshots from their phone showing absolutely massive Pokemon models, with the trainer staring face-to-face with Pokemon like Chespin, Pidove, and Purugly.

Other images showed Gym Towers towering over them in the distance, which gave the appearance that they were walking around a scaled-up version of the game’s blank overworld map.

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The OP explained how the glitch happened in the replies: “I logged in after being signed out, so AR mode turned itself on. When I pressed the run button during an encounter, it changed into this mode. I thought this was pretty cool! It fixed itself after restarting the app.”

Additionally, trainers told them how to replicate the glitch should any players want to recreate it in the future. First, trainers need to spam the run button right before encountering a Pokemon and this glitch will likely happen.

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The community got a kick out of the game’s new perspective and even drew comparisons to games like Pokemon Snap, where players get to see Pokemon models up close and personal.

This glitch doesn’t affect gameplay in any negative or permanent way, so interested trainers should give it a try themselves and see if they can take some hilarious screenshots of their own.

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