YouTuber mocks Pokemon Go following frustrating Furfrou “Shiny” Glitch

Pokemon Go Fashion Week Furfrou glitch Shiny player frustrationNiantic

Pokemon Go fans have seen several strange, visual bugs during the 2022 Fashion Week, but a YouTuber has stopped to call out a particularly frustrating instance involving a “Shiny” glitched Furfrou.

Pokemon Go has been under fire this week for a slew of strange, graphical glitches that have interrupted gameplay. This includes changes to Team Leader outfits in time for the 2022 Fashion Week event, as well as awkward Pokemon appearances.

The Team Leader glitches, which turned the well-loved characters into terrifying demons, appeared to be a mishap in Niantic’s attempts to update older models. Even without the glitches, the majority of fans aren’t happy with the Fashion Week clothing choices, begging Niantic not to “fix” something that wasn’t broken to begin with.

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Unfortunately, glitches have also been a problem with Pokemon Go’s Fashion Week spawns. While many of these bugs are apparent, like the distorted Blitzle or a blacked-out Butterfree, the glitches for fan-favorite Furfrou are a little more frustrating.

A glitchy Furfrou in Pokemon Go looks like the Shiny variant

In a Twitter post uploaded by YouTuber and Pokemon Go player ProPlanty, the fan shows off a Furfrou encounter. At first glance, it appears they have scored a Shiny, until players notice the protruding eyeballs and overall lack of detail. The post reads, “definitely retweet this for Shiny Furfrou luck”.

Players in the comments laugh alongside the frustrated Pokemon Go player, with ESpondulix stating “Haha okay so my game isn’t the only one…” followed by an image of a similarly glitched event Blitzle. Meanwhile, PoGoMiloUK adds, “Is this the Halloween costume?”

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Other players make note of the glitched Furfrou’s disturbing appearance, with Thomageddon2 saying “That looks so unsettling.” and THE_ZetaFanboy commenting “I’ve heard about this Shadow Furfrou, but I didn’t think I’ll ever get to see it.”

While the glitch can be seen in a humorous light, many Pokemon Go players experiencing this Furfrou bug are likely very frustrated. Fans have noted a very low number of spawns for the Kalos Normal-type despite its Shiny debut in the event, making the fake-out an unwelcome surprise.

Hopefully, Niantic will sort the bug out quickly, ensuring no other fans have a fake “Shiny” encounter.

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