Pokemon Go: Full list of released Gen 5 species

Published: 7/Jan/2020 10:34 Updated: 2/Nov/2020 4:30

by Paul Cot


Niantic are in the middle of rolling out Gen 5 to Pokemon Go, but which species have already been added? Here’s the full list of Generation 5 Pokemon that can be found in the mobile game.

There have been several rollouts so far (excluding the legends), totalling 134 Pokemon. The first of them was a big one, as 46 species were released as part of the Ultra Bonus Challenge event in September.

There has since been two more released for the Pokemon Go 2019 Halloween event, another three over the Christmas holidays, alongside Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion as five-star Raid Battles. A further 34 were released alongside the addition of trade evolutions to Pokemon Go. Following that an additional four were released as part of the 2020 Lunar New Year even – and plenty more.

The most recently Legendary additions are Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem.

Predictably the Gen 5 starters – Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott – were among the first to be released…

Full list of Generation 5 Pokemon

Here is the full list of Gen 5 species you can currently find in Pokemon Go:

September 2019

  • Snivy, Servine, Serperior
  • Tepig, Pignite, Emboar
  • Oshawott, Dewott, Samurott
  • Patrat, Watchog
  • Lillipup, Herdier, Stoutland
  • Purrloin, Liepard
  • Pansage, Simisage
  • Pansear, Simisear
  • Panpour, Simipour
  • Pidove, Tranquill, Unfezant
  • Blitzle, Zebstrika
  • Drilbur, Excadrill
  • Foongus, Amoonguss
  • Ferrorseed, Ferrothorn
  • Klink, Klang, Klinklang
  • Litwick, Lampent, Chandelure
  • Golett, Golurk
  • Heatmor
  • Durant
  • Deino, Zweilous, Hydreigon

October 2019

  • Yamask, Cofagrigus

November 2019

  • Cobalion
  • Terrakion

December 2019

  • Virizion
  • Cubchoo, Beartic
  • Cryogonal

January 2020

  • Boldore, Roggenrola, Gigalith
  • Gurdurr, Timburr, Conkeldurr
  • Karrablast, Escavalier
  • Shelmet, Accelgor
  • Tympole, Palpitoad, Seismitoad
  • Dwebble, Crustle
  • Trubbish, Garbodor
  • Joltik, Galvantula
  • Venipede, Whirlipede, Scolipede
  • Tirtouga, Carracosta
  • Archen, Archeops
  • Axew, Fraxure, Haxorus
  • Throh
  • Sawk
  • Maractus
  • Sigilyph
  • Basculin
  • Darumaka, Darmanitan
  • Minccino, Cinccino

February 2020

  • Tornadus
  • Woobat, Swoobat
  • Audino
  • Alomomola

March 2020

  • Thundurus
  • Genesect
  • Rufflet, Braviary
  • Solosis, Duosion, Reuniclus
  • Gothita, Gothorita, Gothitelle

April 2020

  • Landorus
  • Stunfisk

May 2020

  • Reshiram

June 2020

  • Zekrom

July 2020

  • Kyurem
  • Ducklett, Swanna
  • Petilil, Lilligant
  • Victini

August 2020

  • Elgyem, Beheeyem
  • Sewaddle, Swadloon, Leavanny
  • Cottonee, Whimsicott
  • Emolga
  • Bouffalant

October 2020

  • Sandile, Krokorok
  • Deerling, Sawsbuck
  • Pawniard
  • Vullaby, Mandibuzz
There are still plenty of exciting Generation 5 Pokemon to be released…

When are the next Pokemon from Unova coming?

With 134 Gen 5 ‘mons already in the Pokemon Go world, this means there are still 22 remaining. We would expect all of these, if not all but one or two, to be released within 2020.

This would then keep to pattern of previous generations whereby they have been released over a (roughly) 10 month period. However, Generation 5 added more species to the series than any other, including the 151 Kanto initially brought.

As a result, Niantic may opt to prolong its release, taking it into the latter stages of 2020. This means Gen 6 may only just sneak its way into this year.


Pokemon community goes nuts after possible Let’s Go Sinnoh hint

Published: 24/Feb/2021 0:46

by Brent Koepp


A viral tweet from The Pokemon Company sent fans of the Game Freak RPG into a frenzy after some believed it was a hint about the long-rumored Diamond & Pearl remakes. Is the Sinnoh reimagining a Let’s Go sequel?

Over the last two years, rumors about a Diamond & Pearl remake have been inescapable. As we inch closer to Pokemon Day on February 27, the hype surrounding the 2006 titles has never been greater, as many believe the project to be a foregone conclusion.

A social media post from The Pokemon Company’s official Twitter account, however, had fans worried that the Gen IV reimagining would be a Let’s Go release instead. The panic became such a frenzy that Sinnoh began trending on Twitter worldwide.

Screenshot of shocked Pikachu from Pokemon Lets Go Eevee & Pikachu.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon fans were shocked when an official tweet used Let’s Go and Sinnoh in the same sentence.

Sinnoh tweet sparks panic from Pokemon fans

In 2018, Game Freak reimagined the Kanto region in the form of Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee. The Nintendo Switch titles removed Wild Area battles and put a greater emphasis on catch mechanics. The RPG was meant to draw in Pokemon Go players to the mainline series. The project has been divisive as some fans argue its difficulty was too easy.

The community was shocked then when the official Pokemon Twitter account tweeted out a 25th-anniversary countdown message on February 23 that referred to both Diamond & Pearl and Let’s Go in the same sentence. “Let’s go, Sinnoh! Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup are preparing for #PokemonDay—it’s only 4 days away!”

While the social media post could have been purely coincidental, the phrasing of “Let’s go” immediately caught the eye of fans who believed it to be a reference to the 2018 Gen I remakes. As a result, #Sinnoh immediately began to trend on the platform as the tweet quickly went viral.

“Please don’t be let’s go. Please don’t be let’s go. Please don’t be let’s go,” a player wrote in reaction. “That doesn’t sound like remakes it sounds like a gen 4 let’s go oh no,” another user jokingly replied. Other fans panicked over the social media post. “NO, you WILL NOT. Listen here, if you guys decide to turn this game into a let’s go remake instead of a true remaster I WILL CRY PLEASE NO,” someone else said. One follower even exclaimed, “This remake better not be a sh**ty let’s go game. If it’s a let’s go game, you just wasted this remake.”

Screenshot of Pokemon fans in a frenzy over Pokemon Sinnoh Lets Go tweet.

Adding fuel to the fire, it was also discovered on February 23 that Nintendo had gotten a new certificate for the Poke Ball Plus peripheral released for the Let’s Go titles in 2018. While it’s not uncommon for companies to update recertification, user ‘Pixelpar’ pointed out that it also had testing done for the controller. “Periodic testing needs to be done (at a minimum) once per year. If a material change is made then the production batch needs retesting. This means it’s either a reprint or a new version,” they explained.

Popular rumor account Centro Pokemon commented on the frenzy, stating that they still expect a traditional Diamond & Pearl remake. “It’s funny to see the Pokémon community panic, however, our expectations remain the same; we don’t expect DP remakes to be a ‘Let’s Go’ game.” The publication then wrote, “However, Let’s Go is not dead. It will likely come back in the future, maybe in a much different way than you’re expecting.”

So what’s to make of all this? We know that in January, Nintendo created a Diamond & Pearl subdomain, and set it live for a few minutes before disabling it after fans discovered it. On February 22, there was a leak claiming a Let’s Go sequel was going to be announced alongside a Gen IV remake. Although updated reports claimed to debunk that. All signs point towards some form of a Sinnoh title in the works.

The new murmurings of Let’s Go can not be ignored, however. At the end of the day, fans should just drop expectations. In fact, expect nothing at all – that way, there is no disappointment. The 25th anniversary is only a few days away at this point, so we will soon find out what Game Freak is actually working on. The rumors and hype have gotten so out of control that it’s best to take everything with a grain of salt until we get an official announcement

One thing is for certain though – many in the community do not want Diamond & Pearl to be a Let’s Go release. While the 2018 switch titles were divisive, to say the least, it appears a lot of fans would rather have a mainline RPG similar to Sword & Shield rather than the catch-oriented projects. Just the slight mention of its title next to Sinnoh was enough to cause panic. Pokemon Day is going to be one heck of a ride, that is for sure