Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Habitat Hour schedule and Incense spawns

Daniel Megarry
Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Habitat Hours

Habitat Hours are returning in Pokemon Go Fest 2021, with a rotating schedule of environment-specific Pokemon spawning in the wild and attracted to Incense.

Go Fest 2021 is the biggest event of the year for Pokemon Go fans, with a whole weekend of fun including music-themed Special Research, the debut of Meloetta, and every single Legendary that’s appeared in the game returning to 5-Star Raids.

Throughout the event, one of the most important things to keep track of is the Habitat Hour schedule. With this, Trainers can plan ahead for which Pokemon they want to catch and when to use their Incense for some rare spawns.

All players can enjoy wild spawns for free, but only those who purchase a Go Fest ticket will be able to benefit from Incense spawns. Additionally, all Pokemon attracted to Incense during the event have a higher chance of being Shiny!

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Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Habitat Hour schedule

These are the Pokemon that will spawn in the wild and be attracted to Incense during Habitat Hours:

Habitat Hour Wild Pokemon Incense Pokemon
Jungle Aipom, Alolan Exeggutor, Chespin, Chimchar, Croagunk, Ekans, Froakie, Lotad, Scyther, Sewaddle, Slakoth, Snivy, and Tangela Chatot, Leafeon, Ludicolo, Serperior, Unown F, and Unown G
Desert Mountain Alolan Geodude, Aron, Cacnea, Fennekin, Ferroseed, Growlithe, Hippopotas, Larvitar, Shieldon, Skarmory, Skorupi, and Trapinch Flareon, Flygon, Throh, Tyranitar, Unown F, and Unown G
Ocean Beach Alomomola, Carvanha, Chinchou, Dratini, Feebas, Frillish, Magikarp, Marill, Spheal, Swablu, Tympole, Tynamo, and Wailmer Azumarill, Gyarados, Sawk, Unown F, Unown G, and Vaporeon
Cave Beldum, Deino, Galarian Stunfisk, Gligar, Joltik, Ralts, Roggenrola, Sableye, Snorlax, Vanillite, Woobat, and Zubat Absol, Galvantula, Gardevoir, Umbreon, Unown F, and Unown G

Habitat Hours will run from 10am to 6pm on Saturday, July 17 in your local time, which means you’ll get to experience each themed hour twice during the day.

These Habitat Hours will rotate globally on a single schedule, so your Saturday might not necessarily start with the Jungle hour.

They will always run in the order listed above, though. For example, Ocean Beach will always be followed up by Cave. Check which Habitat Hour is currently in the game in your timezone so you can plan for what will appear next.

Pokemon Go Fest Habitat Hours explained

Pokemon Go Fest Audino
Specific Pokemon will appear during each Habitat Hour.

There are four rotating Habitat Hours that will appear during the first day of Pokemon Go Fest 2021: Jungle, Desert, Ocean Beach, and Cave. Each Habitat Hour will appear twice, so you’ll have two chances to take part.

Each hour will feature a unique lineup of Pokemon that will appear more frequently in the wild, based on the areas they would naturally be found. For example, the Rock-type Roggenrola will appear more during Cave hours.

Trainers who purchase a Go Fest 2021 ticket will also be able to use Incense during each Habitat Hour to attract even more rare creatures including Unown F and Unown G, as well as a selection of Eeveelutions like Flareon and Umbreon.

Running alongside these Habitat Hours will be collaborative Global Challenges. If trainers complete these challenges in time, they’ll receive a bonus for the remainder of that hour. You can find details about Global Challenges here.

For more information to help you prepare for Pokemon Go Fest 2021, check out our Day 1 guide and our Day 2 guide featuring Raid schedules, new Shiny debuts, and details about the event’s Special Research.