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Pokemon Go: Fast Move analysis matrix for PvP

Published: 22/Sep/2020 18:55

by Paul Cot


There’s a lot that goes into being a successful trainer in Pokemon Go’s GO Battle League. Towards the top of that list is knowing which moves are the best.

If you have played any PvP in Pokemon Go at all, you’ll know there are two types of moves – Fast Moves and Charged Moves. It is the former we’ll be looking at here.

The execution of Fast Moves is as simple as it gets – just tap your screen over and over. It is the stats behind each of those moves that is vital, though.

Every time you use a Fast Move, it will damage your opponent and generate you energy. Knowing how much damage each move will cause and how much energy it will generate at the same time is incredibly important.


Understandably, high damage Fast Moves come at the expense of energy generation and vice-versa. After all, if one move did both, then PvP in Pokemon Go would be very unbalanced.

Of course, some moves undoubtedly perform better than others. There are a number of Fast Moves that have both higher damage output and energy generation. Invariably however, you’ll need to make a decision as to which one you will prioritize.

Fast Move table matrix

To make things are as clear as possible, we have listed every single Fast Move in the below table/matrix. This will quickly indicate which moves are superior. For a clearer, bigger version of the table click here.




Reading tables such as these isn’t always the easiest thing to do as there is a lot of information on them. However, the simple way of looking at it is moves towards the bottom have better energy per turn (EPT), moves towards the right have better damage per turn (DPT) and finally, the moves that gravitate towards the bottom-right of the matrix offer the best balance of both.

The absolute hardest hitting moves are Charm and Razor Leaf. They deal a massive 5 DPT but also have the lowest EPT of just 2.

On the flip side, the best energy generating move is Lock On. Again though, while its energy gains are fantastic, it only provides 1 DPT.


Mud Shot, Psycho Cut and Thunder Shock are similar whereby they have an EPT of 4.5 but only DPT of 1.5. Generally, high energy generation is favored in the PvP format, so these Fast Moves are considered the best.

The only move in the entirety of Pokemon Go to have both DPT and EPT of more than 3 is Counter. This makes this one of the best Fast Moves, period.