Pokemon Go fans worry as purchased Go Fest 2023 tickets disappear from inventory

pokemon go globe ticket headerNiantic

Pokemon Go fans were left worried after the Go Fest 2023 tickets they purchased no longer appeared in their in-game Item Bags.

Pokemon Go revealed the dates and locations for 2023’s Go Fest celebrations for both in-person and Global events.

Tickets have gone on sale ahead of August 2023, as Niantic has offered an early-bird discount for those who want to buy tickets early.

Unfortunately, trainers have started to notice that the Go Fest tickets they’ve purchased have disappeared from their item bags, with Niantic even acknowledging the bug on social media.

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Pokemon Go trainers notice Global Go Fest tickets disappear

According to the Niantic Support Twitter account, the company has begun investigating numerous reports from players who’ve noticed Pokemon Go Fest Global tickets have disappeared from their Item Bags.

While Niantic has assured those affected that it’s purely “a visual issue” and purchases are still valid, that hasn’t stopped players from being concerned about the glitch.

Plenty of concerned fans pointed out that although they were affected, they could actually buy the Global Ticket again, which could have unintended consequences.

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“That means it could probably bite people gifting tickets too since a person may’ve already gifted to someone, but then another person would be able to also gift to that person,” they noted.

In contrast to Niantic’s claims that this is simply a visual glitch, the PokeMiners Twitter account said, “For reference – it’s because they changed the SKU of the ticket after people already bought them. It’s not technically a visual bug like they said. You purchased a different ticket at this point. But they are working on restoring it as they said.”

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Whatever the root cause of this glitch, it’s clear that trainers are concerned about their money. Hopefully, Niantic will be able to correct this mistake swiftly.

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