Pokemon Go fans praise Twinkling Fantasy event’s wild spawn list

Pokemon Go twinkling fantasy headerNiantic / The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go fans have praised the variety of Pokemon available to catch during the game’s Twinkling Fantasy event.

While many Pokemon Go fans undoubtedly have a love-hate relationship with developer Niantic thanks to certain decisions like event ticket pricing or lackluster seasonal events.

It seems Pokemon Go fans have been pleasantly surprised with Pokemon Go’s recent events, like Kecleon’s long-awaited introduction into the mobile game.

Now, Pokemon Go’s latest event—Twinkly Fantasy—has impressed some fans who praised the developer for its varied selection of wild Pokemon spawns and boosted spawn rates.

Pokemon Go fans pleased with Twinkling Fantasy event

Fans across social media have expressed positive feelings about the event, with many playing getting incredibly lucky with Shiny Pokemon from Raids and wild encounters.

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On the Reddit megathread posted on TheSilphRoad subreddit, fans shared their own lucky catches in the early days of the events. “In 20 minutes of playing I got 2 Noibat and 1 Goomy of the ‘if you’re lucky spawns.’ Saw multiple of all the other boosted spawns except Deino which I didn’t see yet.”

Another trainer from Auckland, New Zealand claimed that “In about 1 hour I’m guessing: I caught about 50 Dratini (including a 100%), most with Pinap great throws often giving 10+ candy and up to 4 rare candy.” If that wasn’t impressive enough they also note that they caught “15-20 Bagon including 1 shiny, about 6 Togetic, 5 Noibat, 3 Goomy, 40 Ralts… it’s been crazy.”

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Players on social media platforms like Twitter have also praised the event, like Twitter user Bionox who said she caught “415 for spotlight (362 swirls) w/ 1 shiny & 1 hundo” along with a shiny Zekrom.

Pokemon Go streamer ShaferQuest777 also showed off some impressive luck after tweeting an image of 10 different Shiny Pokemon, which included three Shiny Zekrom.

While not every trainer has had the insane luck that some other fans have had, the overall impression among fans seems to be that the Twinkling Fantasy event is certainly one worth playing. Hopefully, Niantic can capitalize on the positives of this event and keep up this goodwill further into 2023.

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