Pokemon Go fans furious after reveal that Shiny Jirachi paid research wasn’t ready at Go Tour

Shiny Jirachi Pokemon GoNiantic

A recent Pokemon Go datamine for the newest update includes critical information for the Shiny Jirachi paid Masterwork Research, indicating it wasn’t complete upon its release last month.

Pokemon Go fans were excited to hear the reveal of a new Masterwork Research shortly before Pokemon Go Tour: Johto in February 2022. The new Masterwork Research “Wish Granted” was supposed to offer players complicated tasks to complete, with the reward of a Shiny Jirachi encounter at completion.

Those willing to spend $4.99 USD on the Pokemon Go Masterwork Research were quickly disheartened when the tasks revealed were designed to be a frustrating grind. Masterwork tasks are usually harder than any standard Special Research requirements, but players found themselves left to collect shocking quantities of Pokemon from specific species to complete the first of six steps.

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Additionally, many have found themselves locked behind time constraints requiring tasks like “Earn a heart with your buddy 20 days in a row” and “Spin a PokeStop 14 days in a row”. This means that even the most ambitious players are locked behind arbitrary time walls – but a new datamine for a recent Pokemon Go update may have revealed the reason.

Pokemon Go adds new assets weeks after Masterwork release

In a new Twitter update by PokeMiners, the datamine account has shared breakdowns of content in the new 265 update. The assets and information they share include finishing aspects of the Shiny Jirachi Pokemon Go Masterwork Research.

The account states, “Shiny Jirachi has its own special encounter screen (meaning this certainly was not ready for GO Tour.) I guess now we know why there are so many time gates.”

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Pokemon Go fans in the comments shared their frustrations, with one stating, “Is shiny Jirachi ready?” “No, we need a month or so.” “Alright, we will just fill the research with tasks that take zero skill but tons of time.” And another added, “Big, we’ll fix it in post” energy from this.”

Other fans wonder if the update will revise the empty tasks and replace them with real challenges or adjust the amount of grinding to make the time worth the value of the rewards.

At this time, Niantic has not commented about the state of the Masterwork Research. More information will become available in future updates from the developer, but it is good to know the paid content will now be possible to finish.

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