Pokemon Go fans clown “generous” event-only Field Research reward

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Pokemon Go trainers have encountered a hilariously redundant event-only research reward, which left some wondering how these rewards were put together.

There are plenty of ways to earn rewards in Pokemon Go, but the most common and frequent are completing the various tasks that pop up through events, like Special and Field Research.

Sometimes, these rewards give valuable resources like Berries, Revives, or Stardust. Unfortunately, not all task rewards are created equally, as many in the community have pointed out.

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Now, one trainer has shared an amusingly redundant event task that has left many wondering how Niantic’s team put together event rewards.

Pokemon Go fans clown Field Research reward

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit titled, “AMAZING NEWS! We have a new, very generous event-only Field Research! Take advantage of it quickly, while you still can,” gained traction among the Pokemon Go community.

The post showed off a Field Research event task that asked a trainer to catch 10 Pokemon. While the task seems fairly standard at first glance, the reward for completing it is simply 10 Poke Balls.

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Fans were quick to notice the redundancy in the reward, which left the replies to the post full of players discussing the game’s reward system.

“It’s amazing to me that somebody at Niantic went out of their way to add this in, for the limited duration of the event. Like, out of all the things they could’ve chosen to add, they went with this. Brilliant,” said one fan.

Another fan joked about the abundance of ways to get Poke Balls already and said, “Omg 10 WHOLE poke balls? It’s not like I have 30 gifts ready to open anytime for me to get some. Sign me up!”

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Others guessed that this may just be Niantic’s way of making sure fans stay topped up on Poke Balls while out catching. “This might just be a way for you to fill up a bit while catching. Maybe to keep you from running out of poke balls if your trying to catch everything and don’t have access to too many poke stops in your areas.”

It’s anyone’s guess as to how Niantic actually designs random task rewards, but it’s clear that every now and then some rewards just miss the mark, much to the community’s amusement.

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