Pokemon Go fan gets the “perfect gift” to match fan-favorite sticker

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A Pokemon Go fan showed off the “perfect gift” they received to match one of the communities’ favorite in-game stickers.

While the biggest draw of Pokemon Go is undoubtedly traveling around and catching Pokemon out in the wild, plenty of players love having the incentive to explore real-world locations.

Throughout the game, real-world landmarks like stores, monuments, and statues serve as the base for things like Gyms and PokeStops. Players can save these real-world landmarks as Postcards and send them to other players, to show where they’ve been or where they came from.

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Now, one fan showed off what they called the “perfect gift” to match one of the community’s favorite in-game stickers, which many have dubbed “sexy Treecko.”

Pokemon Go player gets hilarious ‘Sexy Treecko’ gift

A player shared this hilarious gift with the community through a screenshot posted on the Pokemon Go subreddit.

The OP titled the post, “The perfect gift to match the Treecko sticker does not exi-” with an attached screenshot showing a Postcard from Jyväskylä, Finland. The postcard came with a fan-favorite sticker among Pokemon Go fans, which has colloquially become known as the ‘sexy Treecko’ sticker thanks to its pose.

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The postcard in question featured an Adonis statue that matched Treecko’s pose to near-perfection, which seemed to amuse a good number of players.

“Ok that’s amazing. Sometimes you just have to clap,” said one player, while another said, “If someone sent me that I’d pin it straight away.”

Fans also commented about the infamous Treecko sticker and how the trainer managed to find the perfect accompaniment to it. “We call that the ‘how YOU doin’ sticker,” with another trainer adding, “We call it the sexy Treecko.”

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While there are sometimes some funny accidental PokeStops that trainers stumble across, this was a clear instance of one fan intentionally creating the perfect gift and it was very well received.

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