Pokemon Go datamine uncovers in-game Google Ads and fans are furious

Dylan Horetski
Confetti falling around the Pokemon Go logo

Pokemon Go data miners have discovered in-game Google ads in the upcoming game update, and fans are not happy.

Every time Niantic is ready to release a new update for Pokemon Go, the data mining group ‘Poke_Miners‘ supplies the community with a sneak peek at what could be coming to the game.

On January 4, the group posted on their Twitter page that they had found placeholders for the Google Ad Library inside of the upcoming .227 update.

Shortly after their update, the news was posted on the subreddit ‘TheSilphRoad‘ — and players all over the world are furious over it.

Google Ads in Pokemon Go

The data mine uncovered placeholders for the Google Ad Library, which would presumably allow Niantic to place full (or half) page ads somewhere within Pokemon Go.

While the game already has advertisements in the form of sponsored stops, gyms, and random item drops, many consider those to be non-intrusive compared to what the mining group claim to have found within the next update.

Many trainers commented on the Reddit post that they were unhappy with the idea of full-page ads, and some even thought of scenarios where they could be used.

For example, user DJCake mentioned that they could place the ads within a wild encounter. However, the idea wasn’t very well received as someone claimed it was “so terrible” that they had to laugh.

pokemon go reddit comment google ads

Others, on the other hand, said that if Niantic ever puts full-page ads into the game, they’re done playing for good. Some of the players even have built up high-level accounts over the years.

While the alleged upcoming feature has been disliked by many, some trainers said they would be ok with the idea of watching ads — as long as they gave you coins in return.

pokemon go trainer would watch ads for coins

It’s entirely possible that these are placed within the game for another unknown purpose, or Niantic could see the reaction of players and decide not to place full-page ads in the game.

Whatever happens, many comments on the post agree that the developers are slowly killing their love for the game.