Pokemon Go daily coin limit is dividing players

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Pokemon Go only allows players to earn 50 free Pokecoins per day, and players are divided on whether they’re okay with this or not.

Players often complain that Pokemon Go is pay to play because of the need to spend Pokecoins on things like Remote Raid passes, incense, and more. However, the game does allow players to earn a set number of Pokecoins for free each day.

By leaving Pokemon to defend a gym, players can earn up to 50 Pokecoins on a daily basis. This is barely enough to afford a single incense, and so it takes multiple days to earn enough Pokecoins to buy things like Pokeballs or Raid Passes.

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Players can purchase Pokecoins via real money transactions, but that takes the “free” out of free to play. This has led to players once again being divided over the Pokecoin limit.

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Pokecoin limit divides players

On the Pokemon Go subreddit, user Quarter120 posted their thoughts on Pokecoins. “Anyone else opposed to the 50 coin daily limit?” they asked, “I don’t find it necessary at all and just see it as a trick for me to keep buying coins instead of earning coins.”

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Surprisingly, a large number of comments disagreed with Quarter120. They brought up the point of how Niantic giving away premium currency at all was more than other mobile games offer.

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Others pointed out that the limit curbs the number of players who horde gyms. While spoofing isn’t as much of an issue as it once was, players also mentioned that the 50 coin limit was a great way to combat spoofers from ruining gyms altogether.

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However, there were some players who were content with the limit but wanted more options for earning them. To earn coins now, you have to wait several hours and hope other players don’t knock you out of the gym first.

Comments suggested that Niantic could keep the coin limit, but give players more than one way to earn free Pokecoins. They even offered ideas for challenges such as Daily Research tasks or Excellent Streak bonuses.

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Pokemon Go did tease new ways to earn Pokecoins a few years ago, but players still have yet to see them implemented. We will just have to wait and see what Niantic has in store.

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