Pokemon Go confirms arrival of Ultra Beasts including Nihilego

Ultra Beast Nihilego appearing in Pokemon GoNiantic

Pokemon Go has announced the arrival of Ultra Beasts, with a mysterious teaser video suggesting Nihilego will be the first to make its debut in the mobile app.

The Season of Alola may be coming to an end, but there are more Alola-themed debuts on the way as Niantic has begun teasing the arrival of Ultra Beasts, with the Rock/Poison-type Nihilego leading the pack.

Ultra Beasts are powerful, aggressive creatures that first appeared in Pokemon Sun and Moon on the Nintendo 3DS. In those games, they traveled from Ultra Space to Alola with the help of Ultra Wormholes.

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Niantic teased the debut of Ultra Beasts with a short video on Twitter, alongside the caption: “These don’t look familiar… what’s going on, Trainers?”

The video also features a person wearing Ultra Recon Squad clothing, although it’s unclear whether this means the organization will be available to battle in Pokemon Go or if it will just be an outfit in the shop.

There are no more details to share right now, but of course, that hasn’t stopped fans (including us) from speculating. Could the new Pokemon Go season, which begins on June 1, be themed around Ultra Beasts?

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A more likely guess is that Nihilego will make its big debut during Pokemon Go Fest 2022, as it’s already been teased that a mystery new Pokemon will appear in 5-Star Raids on Day 2 of the celebrations.

This could play out similarly to last year’s debut of the Mythical Hoopa, which was released after strange portals appeared in the sky – although Nihilego will presumably appear through an Ultra Wormhole.

We’ll just have to wait and see how Pokemon Go plans to implement Ultra Beasts, but with 11 of them in total, it’ll be interesting to see if they can shake up PvP Battles in the Go Battle League when they arrive.

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