Pokemon Go Community Day trick gives excess Shinies new purpose

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Pokemon Go players discuss some of the ways other trainers can use their excess Shiny Pokemon after a productive Community Day session.

Pokemon Go Community Days are not only great ways to get a lot of a specific Pokemon, but also provide excellent ways for players to get lots of Shinies.

Thanks to increased Shiny odds for the featured Community Day Pokemon, plenty of trainers use the event to get a surplus of Shinies that would be exponentially harder to find.

However, some players actually end up with more Shiny Pokemon than they know what to do with, which sparked a discussion in the community about what they do with their extras.

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Pokemon Go community discusses what to do with excess Shinies

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit by user Ethank2003 asked the community “What do you guys do with useless shinys after community days?” after they showed off an impressive Shiny haul.

While some commenters took issue with the term “useless shinys,” many still offered some helpful suggestions for those with a surplus of Shiny Pokemon.

Naturally, the most popular suggestion was to simply bring excess Shinies to Pokemon HOME — an official online service that offers players an easy method to transfer Pokemon between various games.

“Keep them for trades, download Pokémon Home and port them to other Pokémon games you have! I put excess CD shinies in Brilliant Diamond,” said one fan.

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Another trainer also suggested sending them to Pokemon HOME to disperse them to various different mainline games. “…if they can’t go to any game they stay in Home till I feel generous and Wonder Trade them.”

Some players also suggested using them to get extra Meltan Boxes through Pokemon Home. “Usually I’ll send them to Pokemon Home to get the Meltan Box or I end up saving them and trading them off to people for something that I want or something that’s gonna be transferred.”

The uses for extra Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go are abundant, but Pokemon HOME is always an excellent place to put any extra Pokemon trainers may have.

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