Pokemon Go June 2022 Community Day rumors: Who will headline?

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Wondering who will headline the June 2022 Community Day in Pokemon Go? Nothing has been confirmed yet, but there are already a few theories and rumors floating around.

Following the Alolan Geodude Community Day in May 2022, many Trainers are now looking ahead to the upcoming 84th Community Day event that will take place at some point in June 2022.

Community Days are special once-a-month events that give players a chance to focus on catching and evolving one specific Pokemon. There are also Special Research stories and boosted Shiny rates to enjoy.

While Niantic haven’t revealed who the star of the Pokemon Go June 2022 Community Day will be, we’ve explored some of the biggest theories and wishlist headliners below.

pokemon go community day events
Another Community Day is on the way in June 2022.

Pokemon Go June Community Day headliner rumors

Right now, one of the biggest theories is that a Kalos starter Pokemon will headline the June 2022 Community Day in Pokemon Go. This means it could be either Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie.

Niantic rounded off the Unova starter trio with Oshawott Community Day in September 2021. It’s been eight months since then, so it makes sense that the Kalos starters will be featured at some point soon.

Kalos region starters Chespin, Fennkin and Froakie
The Kalos region starters could headline a Community Day soon.

This has been our guess for the last few months and we’re sticking by it, but if it’s not a Kalos starter, many players are hoping Deino will be the next headliner, as it’s been a while since a PvP favorite was featured.

Another theory is that Axew could be a headliner. It’s one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but it will be a 1-Star Raid Boss during Go Fest 2022, so Niantic could be ready to make it more common.

Of course, it could be none of these Pokemon! With a new season starting in June, the Community Day headliners could be themed, like Alolan Sandshrew and Alolan Geodude during the Season of Alola.

When is the Pokemon Go June 2022 Community Day?

Niantic have confirmed that the next Community Day will take place in Pokemon Go on Saturday, June 25, 2022.

That’s all the information that’s been shared so far – there are no confirmed times or headliners, so it’s just a waiting game until Niantic decides to reveal more. We’ll keep you updated when they do.

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