Pokemon Go Cherubi evolution: How to get Cherrim Sunshine & Overcast forms

Daniel Megarry
Cherubi evolutions Sunshine Cherrim and Overcast Cherrim appearing in Pokemon GoNiantic

Cherubi has two evolutions in Pokemon Go, Sunshine Cherrim and Overcast Cherrim, but it’s not immediately clear how to get both forms for your collection.

Cherubi is a unique species in Pokemon Go because it has a single evolution with two different forms. In the mainline games, this form constantly changes based on the weather, but it works a bit differently in Pokemon Go.

So whether you want to get Sunshine Cherrim or Overcast Cherrim, you’ll find everything you need to know about both Cherubi evolutions in Pokemon Go below – including their Shiny availability.


Sunshine Cherrim appearing in Pokemon GONiantic
Sunshine Cherrim is one of Cherubi’s evolutions.

Pokemon Go Cherubi evolution explained

You’ll need to collect 50 Candy to evolve Cherubi into Cherrim. You can do this by catching loads of Cherubi, using Pinap Berries to increase the Candy you get, and transferring any Cherubi you don’t want.

Once you’ve collected enough Candy, it’s simply a case of choosing the Cherubi you want to evolve (looking at their stats by appraising them is a good way of deciding) and then pressing the ‘Evolve’ button.

How to get Sunshine Cherrim & Overcast Cherrim in Pokemon Go

Cherubi can evolve into either Sunshine Cherrim or Overcast Cherrim in Pokemon Go, but unfortunately, there’s no way of deciding which form you’ll get, as this evolution is decided at random.

This marks a departure from the mainline Pokemon games, where Cherubi would change into Sunshine Cherrim during sunny weather and change into Overcast Cherrim during any other weather condition.

While you can’t control which Cherubi evolution you’ll get in Pokemon Go, the weather does affect wild Cherrim spawns, so if you’re lucky enough to find a Cherrim this way it will be based on the weather.

There’s also a specific Sunshine Cherrim Spotlight Hour taking place on April 26, 2022, between 6PM and 7PM local time, which means you’re guaranteed to get a Sunshine Cherrim during this event.

Cherubi and Cherrim forms in Pokemon GONiantic
Cherubi can become Overcast Cherrim or Sunshine Cherrim.

Differences between Sunshine Cherrim & Overcast Cherrim

Sunshine Cherrim and Overcast Cherrim both have the same stats, typing, and max CP. The only difference is that Sunshine Cherrim can learn an extra Charged Move, Weather Ball (Fire).

Neither form is particularly good in Raids or in the Go Battle League, but Weather Ball (Fire) does give Sunshine Cherrim an edge as being a Grass-type with a Fire-type move is quite unique.

How to get Cherrim’s pre-evolution Cherubi in Pokemon Go

Cherubi are quite rare in Pokemon Go, but you can catch them in the wild (if you’re lucky!) and they’ll sometimes appear in the current Egg pool, although it’s not guaranteed they’ll always be there.

During the Sustainability Week event, Cherubi will have increased spawns, will be attracted to Mossy Lure Modules, and will have a chance of hatching from 7km Eggs, so make the most of this while you can!

Can Cherubi and Cherrim be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Cherubi and Cherrim in Pokemon GoNiantic
This is what Shiny forms of Cherubi and Cherrim look like.

The good news is that Shiny Cherubi is now available in Pokemon Go, which means both of its evolution forms, Sunshine Cherrim and Overcast Cherrim, can also be Shiny.

They made their Shiny debuts during the Sustainability Week 2022 event, where Cherubi will have boosted spawns. As always, finding a Shiny Pokemon is never easy, so good luck hunting!

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