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How to buy another ‘free’ set of Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go

Published: 5/Sep/2020 20:00

by Paul Cot


Niantic are kicked off Mega September in style, giving trainers the chance to buy three Pokemon Go Remote Raid Passes for essentially free. An additional three, for one PokeCoin, are also coming soon.

Bundles of three Remote Raid Passes in the mobile game usually cost 250 PokeCoins. Instead, they have cost just one PokeCoin – yes you read that right.

The bundle will be available to purchase until Wednesday, September 30, 1pm PDT (4pm EDT, 9pm BST). However, in order to be eligible for this special one-time offer, you will need to have less than three Remote Raid Passes already.

Since then, Niantic have announced that another three Remote Raid Pass bundle will be coming for one PokeCoin. Presumably, like the previous one, it will only be available if you have less than three Remote Raid Passes.


How to buy the 3 Remote Raid Passes

Purchasing the special discounted bundle is easy and is the same on both iOS and Android.

  1. Open the Pokemon Go app
  2. Head to the main menu by tapping the PokeBall in the bottom-middle of the screen
  3. Tap Shop
  4. Scroll down to the limited time only section where you will find the 3 Remote Raid Pass bundle
  5. Tap and enjoy your (essentially) free Raid Passes
Three Remote Raid Pass Discount BundleHead to the Pokemon Go Shop as normal and the special bundle will be available in the Limited Time Only section…

What is a Remote Raid Pass?

With the need to make Pokemon Go more play at home friendly, Niantic introduced the new Remote Raid Pass earlier this year. As the name suggests, it allows you participate in any Raid that you can see on your nearby screen.

There are ongoing bonuses for Remote Raid Pass users, too, which last until the end of September. Firstly, those using one will receive the benefit of additional damage during Raid Battles. Secondly, more trainers can actually enter the Raid Battle when using a Remote Raid Pass – this of course means it will far easier to take down that Raid Boss.


With Mega Evolution now in Pokemon Go, and subsequent ‘Mega Raids’ to compete in, the Remote Raid Pass bundle comes at an excellent time!