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Pokemon GO Battle League to open up on Friday

Published: 23/Apr/2020 2:41

by Paul Cot


Trainers are enjoying the first season of Pokemon Go’s GO Battle League but have been restricted as to what leagues they can enter. That all changes on Friday, April 24.

So far Season 1 has comprised of three two-week periods going through each type of league. It started with Great League, and is currently finishing up with Master League.

Master League has actually been frustrating some Pokemon Go trainers. So, many will be glad to know that they’ll have the choice between all the leagues shortly.

Giratina GO Battle
You can be sure whichever league your competing in that either form of Giratina is a solid choice!

You can make sure you’re ready for all three leagues by checking out our best Pokemon guides for each league below.


The issues with the ‘no limit’ league aren’t the species trainers use but the fact that the highest CP Pokemon are difficult to obtain. This gives higher level trainers a distinct and insurmountable advantage.

Few players have close to max CP species, such as Dialga and Origin Forme Giratina. When a trainer comes along who does have these, defeating them proves too tough, even with a skill advantage.

On the other hand, skill plays a more crucial role in the Great and Ultra Leagues. This means a trainers’ ranking results in fair matchmaking whereas in Master League, a trainer who has achieved a high rating through skill, still won’t be able to compete if matched poorly.


GO Battle League Season 2 format

The exact changeover time is 1pm PDT (8pm BST) April 24. Unfortunately players shouldn’t get too used to the freedom however, as Season 2 will start just a week later on Friday, May 1.

Assuming Niantic keep the same format for Season 2, it will kick off with Great League for a two weeks. This will be followed by Ultra League for another two weeks before a return to Master League just five weeks after Season 1’s finished.

Niantic are known to listen and react to player feedback, though, which means they may just alter the format to keep the choices open, at least somewhat. There may be other surprises in store to keep players engaged with the popular PvP mode.