Pokemon Go Battle League begins rolling out to trainers

by Paul Cot
Pokemon Company


Niantic have shared more details about the upcoming addition of Pokemon GO Battle League and have even revealed there will be a preseason to enjoy before Season 1 kicks off.

Pokemon GO Battle League has begun rolling out to high level trainers. For new features such as this, the rolling out process tends to not be too long, so trainers of all levels can expect to access to the new mode shortly.


While the mode is intended to add a more competitive feel to the popular mobile game, it will begin with a preseason period to get trainers acquainted with the new feature and help Niantic optimize and balance it.

Pokemon Go Battle League
Battling is about to get a lot more intense in Pokemon Go...


As Niantic previously announced, the new GO Battle League will see trainers ascend through the ranks, showing just how good a battler you are in Pokemon Go.

You can still climb the ranks even during the preseason period but these will be partially reset upon the commencement of Season 1. The exact details of how this will work have not yet been revealed.

Presumably, the preseason will begin as soon as the new mode is available but Niantic did share the preseason schedule when it comes to league rotation.

  • Great League: Kick off
  • Ultra League: Monday, February 10, 1pm PST
  • Master League: Monday, February 24, 1pm PST
  • Great League: Monday, March 9, 1pm PST


When is Season 1?

While the start of GO Battle League Season 1 has yet to be announced, it will likely follow the conclusion of the preseason. Based on the times between rotations this could start on Monday, March 23, 1pm PST.

Officially, Niantic shared the following on the Pokemon Go blog: "Stay tuned for more details on when the preseason will end and Season 1 will begin." The Season 1 start time could also depend on how successful the preason is.