Is Pokemon Go's Adventure Sync getting a new feature soon? - Dexerto

Is Pokemon Go’s Adventure Sync getting a new feature soon?

Published: 19/Mar/2019 23:12 Updated: 19/Mar/2019 23:14

by Paul Cot


Another Pokemon Go datamine has revealed that Adventure Sync might be adding an important new feature soon.

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Adventure Sync awareness

Chrales, a known dataminer within the Pokemon community, has revealed another potential addition to Pokemon Go. This time it’s an addition to Adventure Sync.

Up until now Adventure Sync would track steps, enabling you to hatch eggs, earn buddy candy and weekly rewards. Chrales’ datamine suggests a new awareness feature will be added which will alert you when new Pokemon are nearby.

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The “new” Pokemon is an important distinction because Adventure Sync alerting you for previously seen Pokemon would become annoying and not helpful. Only doing so for new Pokemon will help players complete their Pokedex.


Much like Chrales’ other recent datamine for the a new lucky friends feature, its existence within the code doesn’t mean it will definitely be added.

While most datamines do eventually appear in some shape or form, there are a number that don’t.