Pokemon Go accidentally gave out ‘world’s first’ Xurkitree during Go Fest Seattle

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It’s not often that a brand-new legendary arrives in Pokemon Go but it’s even rarer for one to be handed out by mistake.

PokemonGo has had a few legendary blunders, like the infamous :Articundo” debacle, but there’s a fresh new accident to take its place.

One player was after Sky Shaymin at GoFest Seattle and ended up walking away with what very well may be the world’s first Xurkitree in the mobile augmented reality game.

How one lucky player walked away with Xurkitree from Go Fest 2022

According to the player, the Electric-type Generation VII ‘mon was given out by the game in place of Sky Shaymin, who was available as a Special Research task, on top of the debut of Buzzwole as the Seattle-exclusive entry.

Of course, Xurkitree is supposed to be debuting as its own GoFest reward on August 5-7 in Sapporo, Japan, so this may just be some kind of coding error that released it early, but so far no one else has reported running into it.

It’s likely that these rare catches (along with Phermosa) will be released to the greater public sometime down the line but for now, this lucky player gets the satisfaction of being one of the first players with the Glowing Pokemon in their arsenal. How cool is that?

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