Pokemon Go locks new 400 candy evolution behind eggs and trainers are furious

Pokemon Go candy evolutionThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go players aren’t happy to learn that a 400 candy evolution to turn Larvesta into Volcarona will be locked behind eggs.

As Pokemon Go fans continue to decry the Remote Raid Pass changes, developer Niantic is preparing for a brand-new in-game event.

The event in question, known as “An Instinctive Hero,” will go live next week from Tuesday, May 2 through Monday, May 8.

Arguably the biggest draw is that players will be able to hatch Larvesta from Eggs throughout the event – a Pokemon Go first. The evolution’s egg-exclusive nature doesn’t sit well with trainers, though.

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Pokemon Go fans blast devs for egg-locking 400 candy evolution

Earliest this week, the Pokemon Go Twitter account unleashed details about the aforementioned “An Instinctive Hero” event.

An accompanying blog post noted the following, “Starting with this event, Larvesta will be available to hatch from 2 km, 5 km, and 10 km Eggs.”

Fine print in both the tweet and blog post mentioned that players can “use 400 Larvesta Candy to evolve Larvesta into Volcarona.”

For some, this may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. One Twitter user called Niantic out on egg-locking, noting that engagement from Pokemon Go’s community is at an “all-time low.”

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The fan wrote, “You upset the community further by asking folk to raid when they can’t and then loot box lock a new Mon behind eggs where you need 400 candy to evolve them?”

Pokemon Go content creator HomeSliceHenry added their two cents, as well – “Egg-locking a 400 candy evolution is one of the [worst] decisions of all time.”

“You mean Niantic made another event to incentivize the purchase of their ever-increasingly high-priced products?! Color me shocked,” said another person in response to HomeSliceHenry’s post.

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It seems that Niantic has once more found itself on the receiving end of its community’s ire. But, as always, there’s no guarantee the company will actually respond to the outcry.

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