Pokemon Go 0.225 update patch notes: Egg hatch changes, Quests & new move

Title screen for Pokemon Go's update 0.225.0Niantic/The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Go 0.225 update brings a lot of new things to the game including some exciting changes for Eggs, a few new Quests, and even the debut of a new fast move. 

The latest Pokemon Go changes take aim at some of the more repetitive aspects of the game, breathing new life into the familiar gameplay loop with a handful of improvements.

From making the egg hatching process easier to adding more Quests into the objective pool, Niantic is giving players more ways to engage with the game and rewarding them for doing so.

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These details have been leaked by dataminers and have not been included in an official dev blog post.

Everything new in Pokemon Go’s 0.225 update

Egg hatch changes

Egg hatching has always been a bit of a time drain in Pokemon Go, but that shouldn’t be a problem after the latest update.

The most notable change comes in the form of egg hatching as players will now be able to skip through the cinematic that plays anytime an egg is ready to hatch.

According to the data mining site PokeMiners, there may also be a screen that allows players to see the Pokemon that they’ve previously hatched from eggs as well, but that remains to be seen.

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New Pokemon Go quests

Confetti falling around the Pokemon Go logoNiantic
New Quests means more ways to interact with the game and more benefits for any players dedicated enough to knock them off the list.

There are also a few new quests being added to the mix that will reward players for the following things:

  • Opening gifts
  • Earning XP
  • Having a certain friend level
  • Having a certain Pokemon CP

New move – Double Kick

The final big change in this update is the addition of the Fighting-type move Double Kick to the Fast Move list.

If you’re interested in reading the full patch notes, you can find them below, courtesy of PokeMiners:

Pokemon Go 0.225 update patch notes

  • New app icon
  • Native refresh rate
  • Several new assets including Wayfarer onboarding, Candy XL in the Today View, new eggs, and more!
  • New Trading Card Game Pokemon form
  • Double Kick fast move
  • New Quests for
    • Opening gifts
    • Earning XP
    • Having a certain friend level
    • Having a certain Pokemon CP
    • Having a sticker?
  • Story and timed battle quests (more on that below)
  • Rockets as quest rewards (battling a Rocket or NPC after completing a quest, could tie into the battle quests above)
  • The ring on the map now shows the double interaction range
  • Raid Leaderboards now have fancy new animations, including rotating avatars and even Pokemon!
  • PvP Refactor / Re-Write – The entire PvP code base is being re-written and there is a toggle to choose between the old and new style that Niantic can enable when they choose
    • A lot of what we would expect, but a few new things like better handling of syncing up your opponent with you during battles
    • Rocket Refactor as well, splitting out NPCs from Rockets
  • Holograms! A new asset was added to the conversation section (the part where NPCs talk to you) that will show a hologram (assuming of an NPC); this might be tied into the tutorials they are working on
  • Egg hatching improvements (skip eggs and maybe an egg hatch state screen where you can see previous hatches?)
  • Lots of Tutorials (friends, gifting, and more), including a Tutorial page (we think accessible via the button)
  • Wayfarer category updates – Being able to submit, edit, remove etc categories from stops
    • Different categories can be coloured differently or hidden, to tell them apart
    • Category contribution limits per day added
    • Re-take AR scan option during the preview of your AR scan
  • Surveys are coming in app
  • Adventure Sync has a new sensor service to get more data from your phone
  • ARDK Library renamed to Niantic.ARDK and Virtual Studio added (looks like this is responsible for having friends join AR multiplayer sessions)
  • Several new libraries were updated or added, for debugging, dev tools, and customer/marketing/analytics tracking

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