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Pokemon Gen 1 fan art made in Microsoft Excel goes viral

Published: 4/Jan/2021 11:36

by Daniel Megarry


A dedicated Pokemon fan is recreating every Gen 1 creature in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and the results are incredible.

For many Pokemon fans, the original 151 will always be the best. The lineup first appeared in the Kanto region in Red and Blue on the Gameboy, and featured famous ‘Mons like Charizard, Eevee, and of course Pikachu.

Being the most popular generation of Pokemon, talented fans have dedicated countless hours to recreating the 151 creatures with their artwork, but this one takes the cake. It might be the most creative method we’ve seen yet.

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The original 151 Pokemon from the Kanto region remain the most popular.

Reddit user Gexuality took to the Pokemon subreddit to share their artwork based on the popular Nintendo franchise. The user’s recreating the original 151 characters, but with a twist: Drawing them all in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.


“I’m creating a video series where I draw all original 151 Pokemon using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet,” they wrote alongside a TikTok of a speed-drawing video of Charizard. “This is my favorite so far.”

The artist continued to explain their reasoning for using spreadsheets: “I like using Excel better. Especially since it’s not meant as an artistic program at all. I was pretty proud when I found out I could use it in that way.”

[OC] I’m creating a video series where I draw all original 151 Pokemon using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This is my favorite so far. Thanks for watching! from pokemon

The thread on Reddit currently has almost 20,000 upvotes and has received hundreds of comments of praise from Pokemon fans who are impressed by the creativity on display.


“In EXCEL? Thats awesome, must share it to every geek in my friendlist,” wrote one Reddit user, while another added: “And I call myself an Excel wizard just because I can do Macros pppfffttt… Congrats man, this is amazing!”

A third fan joked that they were “picturing a Charizard being sent into battle and its cry is the Windows 7 startup tune.”

Gexuality has shared more of these drawings on his TikTok page, including Venusaur which you can see below.


#003 – Venusaur. Drawing all original 151 in Microsoft Excel. #venusaur #pokemon #excel #pixelart #foryoupage #fyp #thick #pixelpatternsplus #gen1

♬ Gym Leader (Pokemon Red and Blue) – Makir

Gexuality also hinted at more to come. When one user suggested he should “consider making all 890” species of Pokemon in spreadsheets, he replied: “Maybe I’ll get there someday… Other generations will follow if this ends up being well received.”


He also said he’s currently “working on making an animated sprite”, meaning there’s more to come for fans of the artist’s impressive Excel spreadsheet artwork. We’ll certainly be following the journey.

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