PokeFusion: The website that combines Pokemon, both good and bad

. 3 years ago

Fans are going crazy for the Poke Fusion website that lets you combine any two Pokemon from the Kanto region. Let the memes ensue…

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The PokeFusion website has been trending throughout June 24 as fans have been playing around with the tool to make all sorts of beautiful creatures and in some cases abominations. It is even featured in the Twitter moments with the caption: “Things get pretty weird when you fuse two Pokemon.”

Designed by Alex Onsanger, sprites from the original Pokemon Red and Blue games are combined to create an entirely new Pokemon.

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Although the website has only recently started trending, it is actually a project that is several years old. However, the internet has a weird way of making things viral at the most random of times and it looks as if a few interesting designs have taken Twitter by storm.

The generator takes the head and color of the first Pokemon selected and combines it with the body of the second. This means you can reverse the combination to get two designs every time you choose two Pokemon.

One of the better looking designs so far is Dragontales which combines Dragonair with Ninetales. As Dragonair is the first selected Pokemon, the generator uses the fire-type’s body with Dragonair’s head and color.

Another Pokemon that came out looking well is Charizard and Nidoqueen – named Charqueen – which certainly makes the female Nidoqueen look more intimidating.

However, more often that not the combinations make for quite disturbing results. Perhaps no greater example of this is the combination of Weepinbell and Rapidash which quickly makes the fire horse Pokemon look far less ravishing.

The same can be seen when Psyduck’s head is added to various Pokemon. Its slightly confused, oblivious look makes usually threatening Pokemon look pretty useless. Maybe Weepinbell and Psyduck just look silly in their normal forms but we, as Pokemon fans, have become so used to them, that nothing is thought of it.

Elsewhere, trainers have been using PokeFusion’s designs to draw them out in real life. One of those was Psyizard which looks similar to how you’d imagined it!

With the popularity of Pokemon Fusion we might even see an updated version that includes all seven generations.

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