Pokemon fans think Legends Arceus is better than Scarlet & Violet in one key way

braviary and main character in pokemon legends arceusThe Pokemon Company

Despite all the plaudits that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have received since their release, fans think that Legends Arceus smashes a big aspect of the gameplay and it’s not even close.

Notable issues with Scarlet & Violet’s graphics and performance issues aside, the games have been praised for delivering a living, breathing open-world Pokemon experience – a first for the franchise.

With Gym Leaders and hundreds of pokemon to locate and catch, Scarlet & Violet has lived up to its billing as the next step in the world of Pokemon games. However, fans of the franchise believe that while the titles have delivered on many aspects of the gameplay, the previous release – Legends Arceus – does something much better.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is bettered by Legends Arceus

According to Pokemon fans, traversal using mounts is something that Scarlet & Violet don’t quite get right when it comes down to it — especially compared to Pokemon Legends Arceus.

“Pokémon Legends Arceus arguably has [a] better way for terrain traversal than Pokémon Scarlet/Violet. Unlike Miraidon/Koraidon, Braviary’s range gives more freedom and exploration compared to SV’s very short range & cagey gliding. Hopefully, Legends style exploration makes a comeback,” said Twitter user @pory_leeks.

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They also accompanied their message with two videos, one of mount traversal in Legends Arceus, and one of the same gameplay function in Scarlet & Violet.

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, when gliding with Braviary, the Pokemon pretty much lets players fly in a straight line with a slight altitude drop taking place as you progress. Whereas in Scarlet & Violet, after a few seconds, Miraidon or Koraidon will suddenly nosedive towards the ground.

“The glider in SV and the immediate drop off after a couple of seconds is mid. Let me fly man,” replied one user, and another person also added: “They should just let us properly fly too.”

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There are probably going to be many months until the next Pokemon game is released, so we’ll have to wait and see if future entries into the franchise adopt any gameplay touches from previous games, such as Legends Arceus.