Pokemon fans discover “life-size” Alolan Exeggutor model at airport

David Purcell
pokemon Alolan Exeggutor

Pokemon Sun and Moon players have been left delighted after discovering a “life-size” Alolan Exeggutor model has been put on display at an airport.

The Alola region was first integrated in 2016, bringing with it a number of fan-favorite Pokemon that had adapted to life in the franchise’s seventh region. These are called Alolan forms.

These visual redesigns can often bring with them a change of moveset, and certainly a shakeup in appearance. Some are a different color, type, or visually appear in a new way.

In the case of Alolan Exeggutor, it went from no neck to… A giraffe-like neck!

alola region pokemon
The Alola region added a number of Alolan forms.

Pokemon fans find insane “life-size” model

The model has been assembled and put on display in Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan.

It was discovered on July 4 by a Pokemon fan, who couldn’t believe what they had stumbled upon. After all, it’s rare that huge life-size models such as this are created, never mind shown off in public venues.

One critical fan said in the comments that the neck needs to be a little longer, to make it more realistic, but the vast majority of fans will accept this is one of the best designs seen in the wild.

It is unclear as to whether this is part of an official Pokemon Company marketing campaign or has been created by another firm with a licensing agreement.

If it’s the former, who knows, there may be a model coming to an airport near you very soon. Maybe an Alolan Meowth, or a Grimer!