Pokemon fans blown away by incredible Poliwrath fan art tattoo

Poliwrath posing in PokemonThe Pokemon Company

A Pokemon artist was taken aback to find that someone had gotten their detailed drawing of Poliwrath tattooed onto their body and the artist responded in kind.

All these years later and Pokemon continues to be one of the hottest properties in the world. From recent games such as Pokemon Legends Arceus to upcoming games like Pokemon Scarlet & Violet to the Trading Card Game itself, there are tons of ways to consume Pokemon media.

One other way to show appreciation for the series is in the form of artistic interpretation. This is why one artist has lovingly drawn all 151 original Pokemon in excruciating detail and was surprised to learn that a Pokemon fan had apparently taken a liking to one of their drawings.

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james instructing poliwrath in pokemon tv showThe Pokemon Company
Poliwrath is typically an imposing brute of a Pokemon.

Pokemon fan gets Poliwrath tattoo

Out of all the original 151 Pokemon, you probably wouldn’t find many people that would have Poliwrath in their top 10 potential tattoos list when you have the likes of Pikachu, Eevee, Mew, Charmander, etc, to choose from.

However, Reddit and DeviantArt user Petah55 was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did someone like their drawing of Poliwrath, they wanted it immortalized on their body forever.

“I’m a bit over the moon with this. Someone decided to get my Poliwrath drawing as a tattoo. It looks really good, too,” Petah55 said and showed a side-by-side comparison of the tattoo and the OG drawing.

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The Poliwrath drawing is one of 151 drawings they did as part of a collection called “Pokemon 151 Project.”

Other Reddit users saw the post and had nothing but praise for the artist: “Your art is amazing… I’m just going through your gallery of the first 151 and wow, just phenomenal. Well done!” said one user, whereas another commented: “These drawings are incredible! Love the art style and just the overall look you gave each Pokemon, absolutely phenomenal work!”

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It’s nice to see such delicate craftsmanship be appreciated and it may not end up being the last tattoo of the artist’s drawings.

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