Pokemon fans all agree this is “scariest villain” ever

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Pokemon is hardly a horror game, but it does have some pretty scary villains inhabiting its world and practically all fans can agree on who’s the most terrifying.

While Pokemon isn’t really a scary title, it’s still important to have a few good antagonists to battle. After all, you can’t become a Pokemon master without beating a few people in some tense Pokemon battles.

However, sometimes these villains seem to have much more than a chip on their shoulder or a desire to be the very best. Sometimes, certain villains just seem to be evil for the sake of being evil, and most players all agree on one key character being “the scariest Pokemon villain” out there.

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Pokemon fans decide one character is “the scariest Pokemon villain”

Posing the question on Reddit, one user asked the community: “So, is it generally agreed upon that Ghetsis is the scariest Pokemon villain?”

Along with the question, they explained how they “don’t think any other villain in the series even comes close to being as cruel or frightening as Ghetsis” since they “literally become eviler in B2W2” and, once defeated “goes into a crazily unhinged breakdown.”

Essentially, Ghetsis is the founder of Team Plasma and is well-known as being the first antagonist who actually wants to kill the protagonist, rather than just defeat them in battle.

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The terrifying notion of actual death in Pokemon stuck in the minds of many commenters, with some highlighting how “Ghetsis would have actually killed you if you lost the battle” and that “Most of the villains will try to kill you. Ghestis will try to kill you. For most villains, it’s nothing personal. For Ghestis, it’s nothing but personal.”

Others highlighted how “when you defeat Ghetsis in the Rainbow Rocket storyline, instead of surrendering like any other villain in the series would have, he proceeds to physically attack Lillie and threaten to kill her” proving just how cruel and intimidating he actually is.

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While many agreed with the poster, one user highlighted how “he is the most evil, sure, but not really that scary. Scariest would be Giovanni due to what it took to stop him. It took the greatest Pokémon trainer of all time and a time traveler to stop him” proving that Giovanni isn’t just cruel, but extremely dedicated, although is he as scary as Ghetsis?

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