Pokemon fan solves 20-year-old problem to rescue long-lost partners

gameboy color gameboy advance spNintendo / Niantic

One Pokemon fan has finally achieved a way to bring long-lost partner Pokemon from Gen 2 to Gen 3 thanks to an elaborate method.

With the introduction of the Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Home services, fans were finally able to bring their favorite monsters from older Generation games into the most modern entries.

Though the method of doing so is fairly convoluted, the introduction of these two services finally let players bring Pokemon from Gen 3 and onward all the way up to Pokemon Sword & Shield — and eventually Scarlet & Violet.

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Unfortunately, Pokemon from Gen 1 & 2 cartridges were stuck there, with no effective way to trade them up. However, one dedicated Pokemon fan has developed their own solution to get those stuck Pokemon on Gen 3 cartridges.

Pokemon fan develops way to transfer long-lost partners

The method comes from a YouTube channel named Lorenzooone, which uploaded a video titled, “Trade Pokémon between Gen 3 and Gen 1/2, and more! – Pokémon Gen 3 to Gen X.”

As the title would suggest, the video shows how dedicated Pokemon fans can finally trade Pokemon stuck on Gen 1 & 2 cartridges up to Gen 3 — though not without some work involved.

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As Lorenzooone explained in the video, they developed their own homebrew setup that allowed trading between Gen 2 & 3, running clock events with a dead battery, and more.

The video goes through step-by-step instructions on how to go through the process, and even provides a download link to the homebrew program that Lorenzooone developed. Interested trainers will need a Gameboy Color link cable, however, and it’s important to note that a Gameboy Advance cable will not work with this method.

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Considering this has been something that even developer Game Freak has been incable of doing, it’s incredibly impressive that this Pokemon fan was able to create their own workaround to solve this long-standing problem.

Hopefully, those trainers with beloved Pokemon stuck on older cartridges can use this method to bring their buddies to the newest world of Pokemon.

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