Pokemon fan horrified as $2k Rayquaza card is ruined on way to PSA

. 5 months ago
Pokemon Card Rayquaza Gold star next to damaged shipping package screenshot.
Reddit: ItsJustinDee / The Pokemon Company

A Pokemon card collector was left stunned after discovering that the package they sent their Gold Star Rayquaza to PSA in was destroyed. The rare EX DEOXYS collectible is worth thousands. 

Every Pokemon Trading Card Game collector’s worst nightmare is getting their collectibles stolen or damaged. One fan found themselves in this situation after sending their rare card to PSA for grading.

The TCG collector was stunned after learning that the box their Rayquaza EX DEOXYS Gold Star Holo was shipped in was rejected by the grading service due to being destroyed en route – and the card potentially lost or stolen.

Pokemon TCG Ex DEOXYS wallpaper screenshot.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The rare Pokemon card was from the Deoxys expansion.

Rare Pokemon card stolen en route to PSA?

Pokemon card collector ItsJustinDee‘s story went viral after they posted it on the r/WellThatSucks forum. “Sent a possible $2000+ card to PSA via FedEx. Received this refusal picture,” the user wrote, showing an image of the box they shipped the card in completely wrecked.

They then explained that PSA had rejected the package after it had arrived so badly damaged. In the image sent back to ItsJustinDee, the box is slightly ajar and the Gold Star Rayquaza is nowhere to be seen. The TCG fan added that since the rare collectible is not seen in the picture, they will be calling PSA to verify if they even saw it.

“I’m gonna give PSA a call tomorrow to just verify the remains are on its way home. I am preparing myself for disappointment and expect to open an empty box…. Not my best Valentines Day news,” they said.

In a follow-up comment, the collector revealed that this was their first PSA submission ever and explained how the Rayquaza was wrapped inside the box. “The card was put in a clear penny sleeve then placed inside a thicker card holder,” they wrote. “The card was pressed between two pieces of cardboard and rubber banded.”

At the time of writing, it’s unknown whether the insanely rare Gold Star card is destroyed, whether someone ripped open the package and stole it, or if it’s safely on its way home. A PSA graded 10 version of the same card sold for $45k in a 2020 auction, making the shipping mishap all the more brutal to see.

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