Pokemon fan creates “breathtaking” Diamond & Pearl remake in Unreal Engine

Published: 8/Jan/2021 13:20

by Daniel Megarry


One very talented Pokemon fan has recreated two Diamond & Pearl locations in Unreal Engine, and it’s given fans a peek at what the future of the series could look like.

Now that Pokemon Sword & Shield has been out on Nintendo Switch for over a year, attention is starting to turn to the next release from developers Gamefreak, largely rumored to be remakes of Nintendo DS games Diamond & Pearl.

While it’s likely that any Pokemon remake in the near future will resemble the style and gameplay of Sword & Shield, one creative fan has shared their own idea of what the Gen 4 remakes could look like if they used the Unreal Engine.

Pokemon Diamond Twinleaf Town
How Twinleaf Town appeared in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remade in Unreal Engine

Reddit user papabeard88 took to the Pokemon subreddit to share their recreations of two locations from Diamond & Pearl: The player’s hometown Twinleaf Town, and the game’s first wild area Route 201.

The two areas have been given a modern makeover that looks far more realistic than the pixelated graphics that fans are used to from the 2006 games – although the artist shot down hopes that a game that looks like this could appear on Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Twinleaf Town Unreal Engine
Reddit: papabeard88
Twinleaf Town looks hyper-realistic in Unreal Engine.

“I tried to go for a mix between Pokemon Sword and Shield and World of Warcraft with a little bit of Breath of the Wild,” they explained of their design. “This version of Twinleaf Town would definitely NOT run on a Switch.”

They may not be able to run on Switch, but papabeard88’s designs have given fans an idea of what a super-realistic open-world Pokemon game could look like on a future console.

Pokemon Route 201 Unreal Engine
Reddit: papabeard88
Route 201 recreated in Unreal Engine.

“That’s actually breathtaking! THIS is what we expect for Gen 9 graphic wise! Godly work man,” wrote one fan, while another joked: “I’ve waited long enough for a Diamond/Pearl remake. I’ll take whatever you can give OP. You are now Gamefreak.”

The concept images also got fans debating whether or not they’d actually like to see a game featuring this hyper-real style of graphics. Some loved the idea, while others argued it looks too different from the Pokemon games they know and love.

Pokemon Route 201 Unreal Engine
Reddit: papabeard88
The path between Twinleaf Town and Route 201 in Unreal Engine.

“Honestly I wish Nintendo and Gamefreak would just go balls to the wall with at least one installment of a Pokémon game already,” a Reddit user wrote. “Something like this with a 3D open world, real-time battles, and Pokémon in plain view. My heart yearns for this.”

We probably won’t get a Pokemon game that looks like this for a long time, due to a combination of both creative choices and the Switch not being powerful enough. But it’s something fans definitely want to see.


Sailor Moon x Disney crossover Overwatch skin is the perfect fit for Mercy

Published: 16/Jan/2021 0:45

by Bill Cooney


One dedicated Overwatch fan and Mercy stan has come up with an awesomely creative skin design for the hero that mixes Sailor Moon and the Disney classic Snow White all into one.

Concepts for fairytale skins have been a favorite of Overwatch players almost since the game was introduced. While there are even a few oficial ones in Overwatch now (like Red Riding Hood Ashe and Dragon Mercy), there’s no way Blizzard would be able to keep up with all the ideas floating around out there.

That hasn’t stopped the artistically talented fans among us from adding on to that pile though, and one of the best we’ve seen lately is from artist u/aerisycloud. Their creation combines not not only Disney’s Snow White, but also everyone’s favorite Guardian of Earth, Sailor Moon, into a Mercy skin that fits the hero just perfectly.

Mercy Snow White skin concept
A skin that might even give Mercy’s pink skin a run for its money in popularity.

This skin would be one of the few that recasts Mercy as a brunette, obviously a nod to Snow White. The colors and materials are also reminiscent of the fairy tale, but the cut and boots are practically common-issue for the Sailor Scouts.

Her Cadecus Pistol and Staff, along with her wings, are now solid gold (whether this is with or without 3000 CP is unknown), which would also pass in an instant for accessories that Sailor Moon would rock.

We love seeing these kinds of skin concepts, especially ones as cool as this, but it can be easy to forget how much time and effort goes into each one. To show us how much work it took, along with the finished product, aerisycloud also posted a time-lapse of their creation – which is worth watching in its own right.

My Mercy skin idea: Snow White x Sailor Moon from Overwatch

If this skin were to be made, it’d also be neat to see a Torbjorn skin featuring him as one of the Seven Dwarfs (Grumpy, preferably), and a voice clip along the lines of “Moon healing… escalation!” as a nod towards the anime.

As far as actual in-game skins go, you can currently unlock the new Kyogisha Hanzo skin until January 25, and the 2021 Lunar New Year event — which brings a ton of new skins with it — should get going shortly after that wraps up.