Fans hope Pokemon Day 2023 will include Nintendo Switch Online announcement

Pokemon Day 2023 theories for Nintendo Switch OnlineThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Day 2023 is just around the corner, and many fans are theorizing about what could be revealed during the franchise’s birthday celebration. Some are hopeful for an announcement regarding the older games in the series.

Delving back through the older games in preparation for events like Pokemon Day can be challenging. With titles spanning most major Nintendo handheld consoles, playing a previous generation can mean dusting off a Game Boy Advanced or dealing with dead batteries in the physical game cartridge.

While some of the oldest titles have been rereleased for the 3DS, including Gens 1 and 2, options like LeafGreen & FireRed, HeartGold & SoulSilver, or even more recent entries like Black & White can be challenging to get ahold of. Additionally, with most Pokemon fans playing the Nintendo Switch, even the 3DS ports can be outdated.

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However, many fans are hopeful Pokemon Day 2023 will come with a heavily-desired announcement – the addition of older Pokemon titles on Nintendo Switch Online.

Fans want Pokemon Day Nintendo Switch Online expansion

In a Twitter post by Mtonarel, the Pokemon fan vocalize the desire for better accessibility to older games, stating, “The Pokémon Company will destroy the minds of millions if you announce these titles for the Nintendo Switch Online on Pokémon Day, February 27th”.

Fans in the comments are adding their own wishes in, with one exclaiming, “WE NEED THOSE! I’ll take Fire Red :3” and another adding, “On the Nintendo Direct last night when they revealed the Game Boy, all I could say was ‘Pokémon’ repeatedly hoping for it to be showing. Then when the Game Boy Advance was shown I had to do the exact same. Hopefully, now that this in on the Switch, we do get them released soon”.

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Those still avoiding the Switch have even expressed interest in buying the console if a Pokemon Day announcement brought the older games to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, commenting, “I would instantly order a Switch. I’ve been on the fence, but yes, this would push me toward it!”

Pokemon Day 2023 happens on February 27 and will likely be filled with surprises and announcements. Despite the excitement of fans around the world, little information has been made available regarding what could be included during the celebrations.