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Pokemon Trainers excited and scared over “Dark Edition” fan trailer

Published: 4/May/2020 16:03 Updated: 5/May/2020 0:07

by Paul Cot


Pokemon Dark Edition is fan-made film that seeks to bring a realistic and dark side to the Pokemon series.

Unfortunately we only have a trailer for Pokemon Dark Edition, but anyone in their right mind would consider it awesome. The 2:08 minute preview sets the scene incredibly well while keeping the plot shrouded in mystery and making fans desperate to know more.


The plot

The trailer starts with the protagonist’s daughter being kidnapped and, from that point, his goal is to do everything to bring her back. “I had an idea, a terrible idea, it was sheer madness but it was all I had. I really thought I could bring her back. It was a stupid plan.”

That plan seems to revolve around illegal Pokemon fights and then trying to shut them down. This in turn leads to taking on an organization, possibly Team Rocket, that puts him in a situation that’s out of his control.


It’s a far cry from traditional Pokemon movies which are colorful in both presentation and plot. Pokemon Dark Edition depicts what Pokemon could be look in a real-world setting – and it looks pretty brutal.

Real life Pokemon

The Pokemon themselves look very little like their anime counterparts. The protagonists’ partner Pokemon is Quilava, which in itself is a refreshing change of pace from the generally featured Kanto species.

During the big battle scene, it looks like the opposing Pokemon is Charizard (even fan-made Pokemon productions have to use Charizard it seems). Elsewhere the small Pokemon trapped in a cage is Pikachu. It will be interesting if more is released, to see what other Pokemon feature.


It was made by noOne which consists of four friends – Clément Martin, Fabrice Leger, Florian Malchow and Thomas Jerz. It comes with the caption: “A fan film we made in our free time over two and a half years. We wanted to adapt the Pokemon universe to our world with a more realistic, darker edge.”

They certainly achieved that – Pokemon with a more realistic, darker edge – and hopefully this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Pokemon Dark Edition.


Pokemon Go trainer experiments with 3,500 CP league, ranks best Pokemon

Published: 15/Oct/2020 2:58

by Paul Cot


Master League has returned for Season 4 of Pokemon Go’s GO Battle League which has led to a discussion about whether there should be a 3,500 CP limit league.

GO Battle League’s premier division is a free-for-all when it comes to eligible Pokemon. There is no CP limit meaning there is often a lot of mismatches.


It is the league where trainers who have grinded Pokemon Go get to put those hours to use. Maxing out a Pokemon’s CP costs a lot of Stardust!

In addition to this, due to the nature of unlimited CP Pokemon, the meta is very small. At a high level Dialga is a must and the rest is made up of Legendary and Mythical ‘mons.


Now, this does make sense. Legendary and Mythical Pokemon should be more effective at the very highest level. After all, if they weren’t, they’d be just like any other Pokemon.

Dialga Master League
Dialga is the ultimate Pokemon for Master League but not many trainers have it…

3,500 CP limit

If Master League were to be made a 3,500 CP limit, or more likely a 3,500 CP limit league added separately, then we’d see a lot more Pokemon prosper. It would also make the league playable for trainers that haven’t or can’t spend hours and hours grinding the game.

Going back to Dialga again, as it is the best Pokemon in Master League, at 3,500 CP it drops all the way from the best to 62nd. Not many trainers have the Temporal Pokemon, so this alone already makes a new league more inclusive.



Here are the top 10 ranked Pokemon for a potential 3,500 CP limit league. The top 5 (and more) can be found here:

  • Snorlax (Shadow) | Rating: 743

  • Mamoswine | Rating: 651

  • Snorlax | Rating: 697

  • Togekiss | Rating: 683

  • Giratina (Altered) | Rating: 804

  • Melmetal | Rating: 750

  • Regice | Rating: 684

  • Giratina (Origin) | Rating: 788

  • Landorus (Incarnate) | Rating: 741

  • Swampert | Rating: 719

  • Mew | Rating: 738

There’s certainly a big gap between the Ultra and Master Leagues in Pokemon Go. It will be interesting to see if Niantic do something to bridge that gap.

They have, however, introduced Premier Cup competitions, making Legendary Pokemon ineligible. Still, based on feedback in the Pokemon Go community these aren’t too popular.